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Country Panama
State Afghanistan
Address P.O. BOX 0823-03411
Phone 639336148577

Joel Dean -Black Ninja Mailing Reviews

  • May 14, 2014

Let me explaine...

I purchase the BlackNinja Mailer for $97.00 4-18-14 this software with has a number of errors message that I could not get it to work.

So I sent support a ticket about this issue...

While waiting for my response from them I went ahead a ordered the 500m Emails thinking that this issue with the sofeware would be resolved.. I got no response even to this date..

I tried to notify them through their support form in the back office (several times) I got not response.

I also tried the accounts staff team email address in the back office. I then filed a dispute with Paypal and told them I wanted my $299.00 charged back to my credit card it took them 5 days to come up with a decision.

They could not do anything reason: they said it was an intanglable item and that i would need to contact my Credit Card Company to get a merchant charge back..

When i contacted my Credit Card Company they said they could not get my $299.00 dollars back because i agreed to the transaction and the only way they could get my money back was is ""if I i did not authourize"" this transation.

So as of this date the software has errors $97.00 which i can't use and I have not recieved excess to the 5m Email addresses $299.00

Please help to stop this 'fraud or scam artist..

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