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  • Oct 13, 2014

Pam Ghiglieri

Bob Ghiglieri

Joey Ghiglieri

Joshua Rumer - Invengo Productions

This is in regards to Joey's upcoming EP Pompadour

I am writing this complaint because I am upset how my good friend was treated by these people

My good friend who has over 34 years of success in the entertainment industry has been trying to help launch Joey's struggling music career. The Ghiglieri's screwed my friend over with false promises and made false accusations against him.

Bob wrote to my friend......

Josh has been transparent with us, believes in Joey's talent and has stood by his side for the past year and a half requiring very little payment for his services. He has always done what he promised and has never let us down. You on the other hand while you have said you want to be a part of helping Joey make it in this industry but yet nothing that you have promised has transpired. Which included a meeting with you to discuss what you could offer Joey and you could not even do that.

Fact: My friend has made several attempts to help Joey but the Ghiglieri's have always ignored my friends advice and instead would listen to Josh's advice. My friend was planning to attend that meeting but it was canceled by Pam. My friend wanted Joey to spend this summer doing county fairs and mall appearances to help build an audience but the Ghiglieri's never followed through. Instead Joey is wasting his time in a studio recording another Cd. His last Cd was a flop because he has no big following. My friend wanted to build a following for Joey.

BTW - Josh's resume is not one percent as impressive as my friends resume. Josh doesn't have an impressive resume.

Bob also falsely implied that my friend was stalking Joey. Bob wrote......

Your unsolicited face book message to our son is completely unwelcome and any future contact needs to stop. Why you feel the need to tell him he is going to fail without you or your involvement is beyond my understanding. This has reached the point where we feel you are stalking Joey which gives me great concern as a father.

My friend only contacted Joey once to explain why he was no longer working with him. Joey is an adult. My friend was not stalking Joey.

Pam wrote....

Joshua has been working very closely with Joey for over a year now concerning every facet of his music career, as well as dedicating a great deal of time into helping with most everything - with little funds.

Joshua wrote...

The amount of people I have helped for no money at all outnumbers any deeds you have accepted money for. I know your kind.

Fact: The only one taking money from the Ghiglieri's in regards to Joey's music career is Josh. My friend never asked the Ghiglieri's for a dime. The Ghiglieri's have been paying Josh to a point where Pam was talking about selling her car and dipping in to her retirement fund. Why? So Josh can get paid? People like my friend who are willing to help a struggling artist for no money are rare. People like Josh who will take your money to record a Cd are a dime a dozen.

Josh also wrote...

I have always been there. Going to gigs, performing with him, making his music in patience and care, assisting with whatever they needed. As a family. I didnt see you going to a music store with him and helping him get the right guitar. I dont recall you sitting in the circle with us at X Factor for 18 hours. I dont remember you being there for him when he left that stage rather let down and helping dry his eyes and mend his broken heart.

Fact: The Ghiglieri's have been living in Los Angeles for approximately 5 years. Not once have they invited my friend to any of Joey's gigs.