John A. McCubbin M.D.

Country United States
State Bosnia And Herzegowina
City Russellville
Address 1405 Nashville St.
Phone 2707266428

John A. McCubbin M.D. Reviews

  • Apr 16, 2014

Opthamologist, good'old boy, very friendly and disarming. Prior to gradually developing a mature cataract in one eye I had excellent vision. I had never required corrective lenses for driving tests or anything else.

The surgery on the cataract eye went ok. He missed the 20-20 target slightly but my overall vision actually improved a bit from what it had been pre-cataract. I was happy and resisted his pressure to operate on the other eye but finally let him talk me into it. He insisted my vision would be ever better, that the second eye also had a cataract (I didn't think so - could not see it) which could harden, might cause serious problems etc. etc. I should never have believed him !

With this second surgery he RUINED my vision in that eye to the extent one optitian said it might be beyond ""correctible"" to 20-20 with ANY type of glasses. So, here I am, considering the prohibitive danger he described in doing another surgery on that eye, unnecessarily doomed to wearing glasses etc. for the rest of my life !

Alas, I should have been content after the first surgery had good results, and NEVER allowed myself to believe his promises. Trusting was my bad, but I suspect I'm the only older person whose vision has been damaged by this Doctor. He touted gold but delivered mud !

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