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John Macoviak, Annuary Healthcare, RCEFI Reviews

  • Jul 18, 2014

I was just told about Dr. John Macoviak claiming he had successfully held off a hostile take-over of his old firm. I know for a fact this is bs.

When you go to his linked-in page he states: "Lawful Annuary and PCII external consultants and interns vesting contingent on Series A funding, was delayed in June 2013 due to a failed unlawful libel based takeover attempt. PCII has progressed in recovery and furtherance of its lawful value propositions to fulfill its mission and its consultant and intern stock warrants when, per agreement, Series A issues and the stock has fair market value."

This is all bogus. I work for a firm that Dr. John Macoviak contracted with years ago to help aid in his company's growth. I found the article on here by a former employee of Annuary Healthcare who stated there was much confusion, corporate name kept changing, people were mislead, etc. I can attest that this is true. Dr. John Macoviak changed the name of the company multiple times on us during the process of our discussions and his payment terms kept changing. We then knew there were problems when he stated that instead of paying for things as typical clients do he'd rather provide us with "founder's shares" in his company. Well we told him we don't work for free, to which he blew up and told us we obviously didn't believe in his vision. And to be honest, we weren't even sure of what his vision was as for years it kept changing. We know now of other firms Dr. John A. Macoviak owes money too.

Multiple people came and went from his organization, the company name kept changing, his healthcare background that he touts as a famed Cardiothoracic Surgeon came into question, and we learned of liens against his home and legal action involving him and previous organizations he had been a part of.

We were also made aware last summer that the organization attempted to meet with Dr. John Macoviak after he personally shut down his own company's website and email system and after he destroyed their corporate files in an attempt to sabatoge the organization. The shareholders attempted to work with Dr. John Macoviak but eventually they had to vote him out of the organization due to his unethical behavior. The company had to change their name after he refused to hand over control of the old domain and corporate materials. The new team and company is amazing. They are ethical and they have their crap together unlike this fool.

Dr. John Macoviak is not level-headed, he's a fraud. Stay away from him.

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