John O'Neil Johnson

Country United States
State Mississippi
City Meridian
Address 2900 Mississippi 39 North
Phone 601-485-1620

John O'Neil Johnson Reviews

  • Jun 15, 2015

I went to trade my wife's Camry in on a new 4 runner or new Camry. Our car was paid for and my credit is very good. The sales man was only worried about getting my info to Check my score and wanted to know how much I owed on my car. I told him several times I just wanted to know a price. And look at my car and tell me what it was worth. This place pressured me like crazy for my info which I did not give. They priced the car 1,495.00 dollars over the sticker price. I asked him why he said it was for window tint and wheel protection. I pointed out that the windows were not tinted on either vehicle and I had State Farm insurance Incase I bent a rim. He offered me 9000 dollars less for my trade than what Kelly blue book said the trade in was worth. He told me my car had to go through the shop and it would cost at least 2500 to get it lot ready. The car I was trading in was a paid for 2014 Toyota Camry Se that had 17000 miles on it. I understand dealerships need to make a profit of why do it but they were trying to make over 14000 dollars off one car deal. I asked him to give me my keys so I could leave and that started all the negotiating. I finally just got up and walked out. I could not leave the salesman still had my keys. I had to call my wife to bring the spare key so I. Luke leave because the salesman could miraculously not find my Keys. I told them to mail them to me if they showed up. 5 minutes after I left the sales manager called and apologized and said they found my keys ( ye right). BUYER BE VERY VERY SCARED . Johnson Toyota equals high pressure sales tactics , salesman that are magic and can make your Keyes disappear and reappear. And prices that should be criminal to offer to someone. The next day I was called 4 times while I was at KIMS NO BULL TOYOTA in laurel MS. By the salesman. I answered it and asked him to stop calling please be asked what it would take for me to trade my car in and that they had appraised it wrong and mixed it up with another gray Camry that was older I laughed and told him no thank you while I was signing the papers on a 15 Camry XSE and a 15 JEEP WRANGLER. They are scam artist and try and take advantage of you and then if you catch on they lie and say they made a mistake even though I was outside walking with them while they were appraising my car lol. And my keys fell under a desk. Will never go back not even for an oil change.

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