Johnson Auto Plaza

Country United States
State Australia
City Brighton
Address 12410 East 136th Ave.
Phone 8008801940

Johnson Auto Plaza Reviews

  • May 13, 2014

Photos shown did not show any flaws. Had a friend pick it up and drive it home- 1000 miles.

Rear tires had lost all the tread on the inside. Found rear wheels were bent and needed replaced,

It had 14 door dings. None were shown in photos.

Interior panels and door handles were loose and pulled away, again no photos of these.

I requested to bring it back at my expense for a refund. This would have been a $2000 loss. They offered to take it back at $1800 under what i had just paid them, I couldnt take the $3800 loss.

I'm spending a lot of money so i can sell it with good conscience. They didn't do that for me. Don't expect to have them do that for you.

I would suggest you dont patronize the dishonest and deceptive. They demonstrated they are both.

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