Lancaster Frenchies

Country United States
State Alabama
Address 6103 Lambright St
Phone 4156905850

Lancaster Frenchies Reviews

  • May 4, 2021

We found "milo" on lancaster Https:// in el paso, tx. My boyfriend talked to the "breeder" all weekend and told him that milo was the last puppy left and if we wanted him, we'd need to wire transfer the money to him right away. The "breeder" does not accept credit cards. He promised a video but it was never sent. The minute the puppy "got on the plane" in "an electronic pet crate that is completely sealed and thermally regulated", the so-called breeder called my boyfriend and told him that his wife was in a car accident and was in the er. We received tracking details from a company called biance logistics Http://, which when you look at the website, the logo, address and phone number are completely different from what they gave us in the email), but then we received an urgent notification from binance saying that our puppy was stuck at the dallas airport in a crate that was not safe for flying Then how did the puppy get from el paso to dallas???) and we would need to either pay $1480 to rent a "safe temperature regulated crate" and the money would be refunded when we pick the puppy up, or we would need to buy one for $2800. If we did not purchase or rent the crate, we would be fined for abandonment of the puppy. The so-called binance guy then harassed my boyfriend, calling him repeatedly to try and get this money from him, but when we asked for a picture or video of the puppy to make sure he was there safe, the guy from binance said he couldn't get to where the puppy was and sent us some stock picture from any airport information desk to make us think he was really at the airport. Lancaster frenchies is a total scam, stay away from these guys, they are terrible human beings!

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