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Country United States
State American Samoa
City Tucson
Address 3200 East Irvington Rd
Phone 8003064002

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  • Apr 16, 2014

We purchased a used RV from LazyDays in Tucson in March 2013....after they razzle dazzled us with their Pre Delivery Inspection and paid for our hotel for 3 nights because they did not have the coach ready when promised.

We were assured with their multiple point PDI that everything would be checked and replaced at their cost, if found to be a safety hazard. We purchased the coach and went thru the walk thru with the service rep after everything was supposedly checked out and repaired.

So this is what we ended up with.

Discovered upon our return home to a colder climate where heat was necessary that hydraulic heating system leaks exhaust into the interior of the coach coating the entire unit with a black soot and sends you racing for the fresh air to be able to continue to breathe without passing out. They offered to fix it but we were already home over 700 miles away and our option was to return and they would repair it at no cost (but not reimbursing us for the cost of the trip, not to mention the loss of time at work which already was over 5 days because the coach was not ready). Or we could have it fixed at home but they would only pay for half of the cost since another mechanic or dealership was involved.

We also learned the air filter was clogged, no response to this from them.

The tires were not rotated as per our instruction which was to place the oldest of the 6 were to be put on the inner rear. They had them on the outer. This was to be done after a long discussion when we arrived and found 2005 tires on the front after being told they were brand new 2013. The story we got was they may be 2005's but they were just put on in 2013. Well if you know anything about RV's or cars you know the manufactured date is the important date, not the date of install. This explanation was insulting.

They did reimburse us for having the tires rotated.

The radiator water reservoir was cracked ( immediately visible) to a service tech who was suppossed to know what he/she is doing. Not visible to us due to our ignorance of what to look for. BTW the reservoir is right next to the air filter indicator reporting a clogged filter.

They removed the radio/gps/rear camera unit because they did not bother to get the unlock code from the previous owner and replaced it with a new one. At first glance you would think this was a good thing, but the end results were, due to the replacement we lost the security system in the coach and they overlooked installing the microphone for the blue tooth. This took 8 months to resolve; gettting a mike I mean, they did nothing about the security system they destroyed in the process.

I don't believe they did anything in terms of the roof, reconditioning etc which was promised. They assured us it was done but after having a look upon arriving home and finding a ladder tall enough to access the roof it looked as if nothing was done. Once again, make a return trip to Tucson to have it done...more time from work and gas money, rv park costs, etc. (3 day trip)

We lost an AC cover because it was cracked at all 4 screws. The gas gauge is not accurate. We believe we filled it up yet it only reads 3/4 full. They tried the coach is on a slope explaination even though we all knew we were standing on flat ground. Multiple interior lights wer burnt out, bathroom fan never functioned properly.

Granted this was an 02 coach, but we only purchased it because we were assured over and over that all of these things would be handled in the PDI.

I can go on and on, but I believe you get the drift that the 250 pt or even 80 pt PDI which is part of the sale,

I think all they really did was clean the carpet and refrigerator and put on the new front steer tires we purchased from them way over priced. But we couldn't afford for safety sake to drive it even a few miles until the tires were replaced.

I wrote a good recommendation for the sales people and the service dept before I discovered all the things that went either undetected or ignored by them completely.

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