LB Design Labs

Country United States
State Barbados
City Lithia Springs

LB Design Labs Reviews

  • May 10, 2014

Laboris Louden and his company LB Designs was paid 5,000.00 dollars in cash to create a web site for my company. Laboris stole my money and I nerver received a web site or a phone call from him. I met with Mr. Louden serveral times at a Dunkin Donuts pior to giving him any funds towards the work that he would do for me. I asked Laboris if we could meet at his office and he gave me every excuse on why we couldn't meet there.

After looking into Mr. Louden so call company ""LB Designs"" this company does not exist. Nor is there a legal business license for this company and not to mention Mr. Louden company is not listed with the GA Secretary of State Office. Which explains to me why he wrote me a receipt out on a sheet of paper and only accepts cash or paypal payments. He does not accept company checks or credit card payments like normal companies.

I have called Mr. Louden serveral times at his 404-488-8277 which is a cell phone number and lefted messages. To this day still no phone return phone call. I would advise NO ONE to use this guy or his non-profit company PERIOD. He is a LIAR, THIEF, and a BAD BUSINESS PERSON !!!

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