LB Property Management

Country United States
State Aruba
City Sherman Oaks
Address 4730 Woodman Ave, Suite 200
Phone 8189811802

LB Property Management Reviews

  • May 7, 2014

10 years with this company. Poor service all over, several Property Supervisors.

Recently found out they are charging fee's for services that were not included in our contract.

They increase their fees based on approving annual budget from Board of directors, not based on the contract they have which requires a mutual agreement in writing. They have done this to us for several years. Every year they told the Board, the increase is mandatory per terms of the contract. Finally this year we asked for a copy of the contract and we found out this is not true. We asked them for an amendment, they told us, since the Board approved the budget, you agreed to the fee increase. They further claim since we did not contest, we agreed.

There was no reason for us to consent when the property manager (Their employee) told us, this is ""per contract"". We trusted them and they took advantage of us. Now we found out that they are also charging fees left and right on items that were never agreed on. They do it in small amounts so people think it is not worth contesting. The reality is, if you are on the Board, get a copy of the contract, read it and make sure they do not abuse your finances.

Watch out for them. Looks like they are doing it on all their accounts. Don't be fooled with them being accredited by BBB. They are not graded and so far they ignored to answer to our complaint to BBB. So figure

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