LD Products Inc

Country United States
State Aruba
City Long Beach
Address 3700 Cover Street
Phone 8883212552
Website www.ldproducts.com

LD Products Inc Reviews

  • May 9, 2014

I ordered TK-717 toner for my Kyocera copier in late 2012. I received TK-715 toner which did not workl properly in my machine. Unfortunately for me, I discovered this more than a year after I ordered the toner. I realize I should have checked the shipment when it came in, but I didn't. We like to keep toner in stock so we don't experience down time with the copier. When I put the LD Products toner in my machine, of course, it didn't work properly.

I phone the company and they said the warranty was 1 year only. I respect their policies but I think because the mistake was originally theirs (my packing slip shows I ordered the correct toner) they should have replaced it at no charge. They only offered to sell me another at 50% discount. The phone person said they don't even have TK-715 toner but I have the box received from them which is labeled TK-715 as well as the toner cartridge.

An offer of replacing the toner and correcting their mistake would have kept me as a customer. Now, I will never order from this company again regardless of pricing.

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