Lead Research Group

Country United States
State California
City Huntington Beach
Address 412 Olive Ave Ste 614
Phone (800) 884-8371
Website http://www.leadresearchgroup.com/

Lead Research Group Reviews

  • Jun 8, 2015

I ordered what was to be "Verified New Homeowners". 2 days later I received the list. Upload and start calling. After 2 hours I knew I had crap. Mostly renters, some homeowners but zero were new. It even had apartments.

So I call Marc who told me the leads were updated weekly and seemed shocked and assured me it was an error not to worry he would "make it right". I followed up Thursday and Friday. No return call or e-mail. On their site is a link to send to [email protected] if for any reason you were not happy with your purchase. Beleive it or not that too was unanswered.

If you market on the phone you know the quality of the list is the most important. They know it too but care less and sell just names and numbers.

Get your list from a credible company like infousa.

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