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State California
City Camarillo
Address 725 Via Alondra
Phone (800) 220-4143
Website www.leadersmerchantservices.com/

Leaders Merchant Services, LLC Reviews

  • Mar 10, 2015

Leaders merchant services are complete ripp-offs bait and swith tatics signed up with them to process off my i-phone said monthly charge would be 14.95 on my bill and get billed over twice that amount call the said they would fix the problem next month get bill over twice what i agreed to called them up to refund my money they said no refunds but would fix problem next mo . no turned them off did a stop payment total theifs and after did a google search and found out they do this to a lot of people small amounts thats there stratagy i would say.

  • Feb 4, 2015

To whom it may concern:

This letter is in regards to my merchant account with Leaders Merchant Services. I was sold on their services by their salesperson because I was blatantly uninformed of the truth, the whole truth behind their fees and add ons that were either never discussed, or were purposefully withheld and misrepresented in order to convince me to use their Merchant services over all others.

I quickly realized after getting my first accounting statement that I was being charged many more items than were brought to my attention by their salesperson. When I first began talking to their sales rep., I specifically prodded the salesperson; 1. if there were any other fees or upcharges of any kind that would be levied against me, outside of the .99% fees from all of my direct sales, and he repeatedly said that there were no others. Their salesperson not only lied to me but systematically neglected to mention all of the; 2. ACTUAL extra hidden charges that I would be facing including those coming from Mastercard and Visa that they called Regulatory Fees; 3. nor did their salesperson mention all of the hidden fees associated with persons presenting Business and Corporate issued credit cards, that would be billed at 5.9% , or 500% above what I was told was my standard .99% rate; 4. and the salesperson flat out lied to me when I pressed him if there were any monthly fees associated with my Merchant Account, but he stood by his mantra that no monthly fees would be taken; 5. The Leaders salesperson also forgot to mention the truth that by signing a contract with Leaders, I would be committed to paying Leaders Merchant Services just under $32.00 per month on top of all the other unmentioned fees; 6. and the salesperson seemed to also forget to tell me that I would be financially obligated to commit to Leaders Merchant Services in a long term contract for three years. I specifically told the salesperson that I hated long term contracts because I had a dispute with direct TV after only 4 weeks of using their service, and instead of them honoring my request to release my contract, that Direct TV chose to ruin my credit for 7 years due to a 2 year contract they wanted to impose on me. I never paid them a dime and I will never Pay Leaders a dime as well. After that horrific experience with DirectTV, I NEVER would have gotten into any multiple year contract with any company…Period, much less a THREE YEAR contract with Leaders Merchant Services. I truly believe that the salesperson was TRAINED by Leaders Merchant Services to purposefully mislead or to specifically withhold pertinent information that might jeopardize the sale when the potential customers became aware of the TRUTH behind their high fees and unreasonable length contracts. I specifically chose Cricket phone services because they only go month to month with no annual contracts…period! That is the result of the damage Direct TV did to me, and now Leaders Merchant Services will surely attempt the same ploy to manipulate me into staying with them in order to protect my credit from a 7 year smear. Leaders can’t build their business clientele or reap the rewards of repeat customers and gain customer referrals with their outrageously high fees and charges and three year contracts etc., so instead, they have built their business model on perpetrating lies and deceptions and the threats of credit devastation on anyone who discovers they are a low brow bottom dwelling bag of bullshit company.

Leaders Merchant Services has shown me that they can sell an unsuspecting small business person a “great plan” that ends up being an “awful plan”and an incredibly “deceptive plan” just to entrap and snare would-be clients through their well rehearsed talk of low rates, misinformation and Lies. Had they chosen to uphold integrity by making their salespersons reveal all of the Actual Costs associated with their Merchant Services plans, they would have quickly discovered the reality that no sane business owner would ever want to sign up with them. It is obvious that they have put time and effort into honing their sales pitch and business model to generate sales, through the mindset of devious manipulation in order to lure potential clients into contracts that they know would crash and burn when their ACTUAL plans are presented side by side with other competitors. They couldn’t make it as a business if that happened! Leaders business model must resort to lies and misinformation in order to get clients. Leaders has consciously misrepresented their products and maliciously hidden the realities behind their awful service plan with gouging fees and unsustainable contract lengths. Leaders should be shut down, dismantled and sold to the lowest bidder.

  • Sep 11, 2014

Leaders Merchant Services : Great Customer Support

I want to thank you for all of the help you gave me you were very informative and helpful. I look forward to working with your company. The rating of 5 seems small compared to the professionalism Jeffrey  had toward helping me. Given 5 is highest, the score is 5. 

  • Jul 24, 2014

I would like to put out a word to the wise. When I am unhappy with a business I spread the word. I do the same when I love something. In January of 2013 I wanted to procure merchant services for my Kindle Fire HD. I wanted something like the Square. We had one for my husband's IPad, but I wanted something for my device so that I didn't have to travel with his IPad.

I was contacted by a company called Leaders Merchant Services. I was assured by the representative that they had a program like the Square. I wouldn't have to pay a monthly fee and would be under no contract, just pay a usage fee every time I made a sale. We were clear on that. There was a contract to read, which I should have done. There was pressure, the representative was waiting. And how much of the "legal contract speak" would I really understand anyway?

When the device came it wasn't compatible with my Kindle Fire HD like they had assured me it would be. So that was apparent right away. I assumed after that conversation that they closed my account as a simple courtesy. Imagine my surprise when the following month I get a fee taken out of my account by them! I called and was told I had to send in a signed account closure form. Really? I open the account by phone and you have no problem taking my money. But I want an account I am unable to use closed and I have to send in a signed form? Really? Not for you to start taking my money, but to get you to stop taking my money. My mad and passive aggressive kicked in. I didn't send in the form. On principle and pure temper I was willing to overlook the $7.95 a month.

Fast forward. The last two months my husband opened the statements I haven't been looking at. $86.90!! I called them and got the same answer. Every time I had that argument with them I just got madder and madder. They refused to close my account by phone. I told them I would be contacting the Better Business Bureau.

I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. They forward that to the company. Leaders responded that I had indeed opened an account, shame on me for not reading my contract, as I was upset enough to contact the BBB they would graciously refund me the monthly fees and some sundry other charges adding up to just over $250. And they would be lovely enough to waive the $250 early account closure fee. That is when I found out I had a 3 year contract!! If I would have sent in the closure form they would have taken $250 more from my account!! They were also nice enough to point out that though I had indeed never used their services during all this time I did have the option of using it if I had wanted to get a compatible device. From my perspective I got the services to be compatible with my device, not my device to be compatible with their services. And if I had gotten a compatible device I would have had to call them and set it up. They would have known I would begin using their services!!

I knew they had taken more from my account than what they refunded, so amidst traveling, I worked with my bank and got all of my statements for that time frame. Hold on to our hats folks!! For a customer that they knew was never able to use their services, over a 17 month period of time, they took just over $1,150 from my account!!

And to add insult to injury, in their e-mail to the BBB and another to me, they stated that since I was upset enough to contact the BBB they considered my account closed. And without the "required" closure form!! How is that even possible?!?!

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