Ledgerock LLC

Country United States
State Chile
City Hyde Park
Address 46 Ledgerock Ln

Ledgerock LLC Reviews

  • Jul 18, 2014

I was involved in the installation of a sprinkler system at the individuals house. Completed the project as contracted. After five years the individual called us to make a repair that was created by his negligence. After trying to repair as per the arrangement made, we found we had to abandon a tank, but left the system in service as per code and contract agreement. After system was put back into service the owner decided to say he was taken advantage of as he did with every tradesman on the project. You can look into the file of Ledgerock LLC, Hyde Park, NY and find that everyone that worked on the project had to file a lien or was just taken advantage of and decided to walk away as court costs became abundant. This person has taken advantage of everyone and anyone who worked on the project and from our investigation it looks like he has been doing this for years and getting away with it. At our arbitration hearing he out right lied, but we could not show proof as he had a confidentiality agreement with his supervisors as not to say anything that was going on. He himself took blue prints that were above and beyond the design contracted and had them sealed by an architect himself and then submitted them to the building department. I contacted the architect that he had taken them to and he told me that he was paid to stamp drawings that had nothing to do with original contract. He is very good with twisting words and creating situations that can take someone down that does not have the kind of money he has. The decision of the arbitration has not yet been awarded, but should be soon. I wish I had enough money to do something about this kind of person. People like this have been taking advantage of many and that is why we live in such a complex world today. He should be behind bars.

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