Lenvi Cream

Country United States
State Georgia
City Augusta
Address 4816 Technology Dr
Phone 800-340-6991
Website http://lenvicream.com/

Lenvi Cream Reviews

  • May 15, 2015

I ordered L,Envi eye and face cream and I also did not see anywhere that it said the price would be $94 for future orders. I received the second order and wrote to the company of Hartford that was shipping me the product to not send future shipments. I received another shipment and finally got someone who spoke English to answer the phone and not hang up on me, and cancelled my order. 4 days later I received another order. They told me I could not get a refund. Today I received another bottled, then they informed me I only cancelled one order. They told me they would credit me for that bottle but not for the other 2 because they would not go back over 30 days. I told them I had not had the product 30 days. They informed me it was 30 days fro billing, not from when I received it. None of the packages have been opened. The bottles last longer than 30 days and you can get products just as good for $20-$30. This company is a rip-off.They will not even give you the president or CEO of the company,s name. Help the consumers. Close this company down. I,m sure all the other creams are the same just bottled under a different name. Help!!!

  • Mar 28, 2015

My Mother order the trial of the wrinkle cream believing this would only cost 4.95 with $5.95 shipping and handling, she received the package which contained a jar of cream and a sample tube. There was not literature explaining this as a monthly subscription or that she would be charged $94.99 per month for a small jar of cream. A few weeks later she received her credit card bill with the amount of $94.99. She promptly boxed up the remaining cream and sent it back to L'envi in Georgia and attempted to stop payments to the credit card.

Lenvi was of no help when she spoke with them on the phone telling her there would be no refunds. She than attempeted to dispute this with her credit card company and because she sent the product back with a return authorization L'envi provided she could no prove she no longer had the product. I also attempted to speak with L'envi and because the account was being disputed would not answer any of my questions. They had provided a return authorization for customers to send the product back, but once you send it back if you have no receipt they will tell you it is an unauthorized return.

Moral to the story if you send the product back make copies and or even take pictures of you mailing it. Read the fine print. They should be providing a refund the customer is always right, they are targeting to an older group of people and I believe intentionally attemping to be misleading and take their money.

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