Leo Belanger Senior

Country Canada
State France, Metropolitan
City Peterborough

Leo Belanger Senior Reviews

  • Aug 16, 2014

Leo Belangerits the step-father of Luka Magnotta, who abused Luka for years in every posible way. Luka became stranger from his mother because of her reluctence to leave this alcoholic drug addict retard criminal. He has over 20 criminal convictions and arrest. He is a coward that abuse kids. Luka has not seen Leo for over 10 years. Conrad Newman is Luka's brother. Luka doesnt speak to Conrad because Conrad used, lied and manipulated Luka, taking advantage of him and his disclosed sexuality when he wasnt ready to tell the rest of the family. Conrad goes by the name Shane Newman. Luka is to good for this a**holes, all the ripoff repords from 2011 and 2012 where created by Rob Lynn, a retarded from England who is obsessed with Luka.

Posted by Aleah K

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