Leo Shades

Country United States
State California
City Burbank
Address 2416 W. Victory Blvd #114
Phone 888-797-8242
Website www.leoshades.com

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  • Jun 29, 2015

I fell for a pop up survey that appeared to come from AT&T. It told me I could receive a free gift for participating. There were several "gifts" to chose from one of which was a pair of Leo Shades. It appeared that I only had to pay shipping and handling. I did receive the sunglasses and was charged $5.99 for shipping. However, it now seems that I am required to to pay $95 for the sunglasses as part of an ongoing "subscription". They want to send me another pair every 30 days at a cost of $49.99.

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  • Jun 8, 2015

leo shades has mislead me and continues to send sunglasses that i have not ordered and charged my credit card and refuse to refund my money my next step is to go to the bank and then to the DA office in my city to file a formal complaint.

  • Jun 4, 2015

I too was told "was selected to try sunglasses for $5.99 after receiving the glasses , I was charged $95.00 After talking with Frank Romano at the leoshadeshe he, offered me $50.00 refund,which i promtly refused eventually I settled @75.00 for sake of expediency. I"m still planning to alert the Washington stata A.G office for remaining $20.00 and the underhand technic of this company .Why pay $25.99 or $105.99 for a knock offshades when you can get oakleys and ray bans for less.

  • May 4, 2015

You might think you're getting a FREE pair of sunglasses for only a $5.99 shipping charge. BUT, two weeks later you'll see a $95.00 charge on your credit card statement for the sunglasses, PLUS you are now subscribed to a "membership fee" of $49.00 per month for "new products".

If you read their website carefully you'll see a "terms and conditions" box which states all this, but if - like me - you have filled out an online survey for Mercedes-Benz asking you to rate the dealership where you recently took your car for service, you may see a pop-up offer on your screen with the sunglasses offer, but this time with NO "terms and conditions" box to check.

When you dispute this charge with your credit card company they'll tell you the seller (Leo Shades) has it on record that you DID check this box, even though there was NO box on your pop-up form. Do you think this is an honest marketing device?

  • Dec 31, 2014

This is a scam and when I go to find them I will use the refund to pay for gas and a box of double 00 buckshot.

  • Dec 11, 2014

Leo Shades CA

online pop-up from doing online surveys.

I was doing an online survey and the pop-up said I can pick any of the gifts, I would just pay shipping and hanling fee of about 5.00. I was later charged on my card twice 95.99 and then 49.99 before I caught it on my statement and called the number next to the charge. I now have a confirmation number of cancelation. Stay away from Leo Shades-totaly crap product and rip off!

  • Jun 28, 2014

Leoshades offered a free gift for answering a survey. Aftering survey they gave me a choice of several gifts . After choosing my free gift I paid 5.99 for shipping When gift arrived it was a pair of Made in China Sunglasses . Then looking at my bank statement I find I have a reocurring withdraw of 99.99 plus the 5.99 Shipping charge When I tried to contact Leoshades by the phone number they gave me I got a third party go-between Who explaned that in the fine print some place I had agreed to join some king of once a month gift club @ 99.99 per month . Hopefully I was able to cancell the future 99.99 charges for other worthless products . Iwas finally offered the glasses for 39.99 or I can send them back and still have to pay postage of 5.99 eatch way Hard lesson for a disabled person.

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