Leonard's Carpet Service

Country United States
State Aruba
City San Diego
Address 9393 Activity Road, Ste. F/G
Phone 858-453-9525
Website www.leonardscarpetservice.com/

Leonard's Carpet Service Reviews

  • Nov 1, 2014

This is a message to all prospective customer that are considering Leonard's Services (LeonardsServices) (leonardscarpetservice.com) (leonards carpet service) for their install or home remodel; Design and REO Services, Flooring, Counters, Window Coverings, Restoration & Maintenance.

Why would a company go by so many different names? Hmmm.

Don't use them! I am but one of many unhappy customers that have been inconvenienced by their inability to perform quality work and offer at the minimum, standard follow up customer service. I have several neighbors that are dealing with the same terrible quality and terrible customer service from leonards Services.

Quick example: When they came to replace my counter top because they had installed a cosmetically unsatisfactory piece, they had the nerve to show up with a replacement piece that had been taken out of another home it had been previously installed in, there were install lines and glue residue. What kind of company in their right mind operated like this??? Leonard's Services (LeonardsServices.com) does!

I understand that making a profit is an important factor in running a business but completely screwing over your clients with reused material and sub par quality to maximize profit is simply selfish and Leonards Services (LeonardsServices.com) should not be in business!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that their service guys are always late and unapologetic.

Public Beware and Do NOT use leonards Services for your remodel, Design and REO Services, Flooring, Counters, Window Coverings, Restoration or Maintenance.

Leonard's Services Anaheim – Leonard's Services Palm Desert – Leonard's Services San Diego – Leonard's Services Temecula. http://www.leonardscarpetservice.com/, http://www.leonardscarpetservice.com/

- One of Many Unhappy Victims of Leonards Services LeonardsServices.com

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