Leonard Navarrete

Country United States
State Arizona
City Mesa

Leonard Navarrete Reviews

  • Jul 3, 2015

My experience with Mr. Navarrete was a nightmare to say the least. Several years ago, Mr. Navarrete was in the mortgage broker business. I went to him seeking refinancing of my home. After giving him all the information he needed I was informed that I was approved for the loan. I was just coming out of bankruptcy and knew that a rescheduled foreclosure sale date was forthcoming. Mr. Navarrete informed me that he would inquire as to when this date would be because he had to know what timeline he was working with . He reassured me several times that he would contact my mortgage company and get that information. In fact, he told me I would have no need to contact my mortgage company at all because that is what I hired him for. He went as far as to tell me that we have nothing to worry about anyway because once the mortgage company is made aware that a pay off is forthcomong the foreclosure sale date is cancelled. You can only imagine my horror when I found out that my house had been sold. Navarrete dodged and avoided all my attempts to contact him when I found out. Before the sale I NEVER ONCE had a problem getting ahold of him. It was pure negligence on his part if not worse. I never even got an apology let alone an explanation,. I have more interesting details but wanted to make this short. Mr. Navarrete intentionally lied to decieve me. I don't know what he had in mind but I understand that there is reported cases of fraud involving this very scheme.

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