Leslie's Poolmart

Country United States
State American Samoa
City Phoenix
Address 3925 E Broadway Rd
Phone 1 602-366-3999
Website www.lesliespool.com

Leslie's Poolmart Reviews

  • Jul 18, 2014

Leslie’s service department attempted to more than double the price to buy a single speed pool pump with installation. I was quoted almost $900 and they refused to itemize it for me. I had already paid $107 for their tech to look at my pool and confirm that it needed a replacement pump. When I requested an itemization of the $900 quote, I was treated rudely and they refused to itemize it.

After calling 6 times, a representative named Adrianna told me the pump would cost $650. She was very rude and defensive when I asked questions about the price. I was told by a local Leslie store it would cost $450. Then I was given, yet again, a different price by a different Leslie’s Pool store. 3 different prices for the exact same product!

I finally went online to Amazon and found the exact same pump, directly from the manufacturer, for $355 with free shipping. I realized that Leslie’s Service Department was getting angry and defensive because I had caught them in a lie and they had added a HUGE markup to the product and installation.

They figure it they give customers one overall price, then the customer will be too stupid to ask for a breakdown of the costs or itemization. A reputable company would not get angry or refuse to give a breakdown of costs when asked for it by a customer. I was treated very badly by their Service Department.

I am a business person myself, so I understand that a company puts a small markup on their products in order to make a profit. But it is absolutely wrong to charge $900 for a product that actually costs $355!

I ordered the part instead from Amazon and I hired another pool company who will install it for $125. This makes for a total of $480 including installation – versus the $900+ of Leslie’s Pools.

This appears to be a company that does not have integrity nor respect for its customers. It believes in doubling or tripling the price of its products and then refuses to answer customers’ questions regarding prices.

I will also report Leslie’s to the following state agency: Regulated by The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, P. O. Box 12157, Austin, Texas 78711, 1-800-803-9202.

Avoid this company – they motto is to Price Gouge their customers.

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