Leticia Rolland

Country United States
State Afghanistan
Phone 8189343702

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  • Apr 24, 2014

Leticia Rolland - CLAIMS to run several NON PG funding programs through CPN and NON PG shelf corp funding. First she could not get all the tradelines to post on the CPN. She calimed only two posted. She initially said she did everything herself and when they did not post blamed it on a vendor.

She sent a copy and paste of the two lines that supposedly posted but when attempting to verify with the credit bureaus or with a credit monitoring service there was no history of the CPN or tradelines.

She then claimed that the third line posted and would go to funding. She could not supply any proof of the third line posting. (I paid for four tradelines) She then disappeared and did not respond for two weeks.

When she reappeared I pressed for a copy of the credit report and what she sent was a badly photo shopped report that only showed two lines (not the three she claimed had posted) where the account numbers and CPN number do not match up to what she previously stated they were.

NONE of the credit bureaus or credit monitoring services show any record of the CPN number she claimed she was using ( any of them) or any of the tradelines posting to that CPN Number.

She is jst another scammer running a BS propgram giving phony information. The broker that was representing her was Steven L from Nevada, Another long time fraud. [email protected]

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