Lexii Love

Country United States
State American Samoa
Phone 786-369-6786

Lexii Love Reviews

  • Aug 28, 2014

ESCORT Showed up for an evening with my wife and I. Reeked of smoke, fat, trashy,uneducated. Popped of in her while she ate my wife. Rolled the fatty over and was going to going in for a drive but the rank smell put me off. That's when I saw the needle tracks in her groin. Great a junkie. My wife and I went into the bathroom to clean up and disinfected. While dicussing the track marks and the now the need for HIV tests, she stole 2k in cash, my watch, my cell phone, my wifes cell phone, my wife's purse with 300 cash, jewelry, and personal iems. The purse itself was worth 5k and she stole the prescription meds on the nightstand. They were heart meds so she isn't very bright.

Worried about a junkie giving us HIV i did research and found she uses the name Lexii Love but her name is April Marie Sheets. Her ads say she is 23. mugshots.com have her listed as 29, a herione junkie, dealer, peti theft, grand theft, and various misdameaner charges. She uses several different phone numbers and claims to do incall and outcall.

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