Lexington Acoustics

Country United States
State Djibouti
City Provo
Address 1958 SOUTH 950 EAST
Phone 180176594
Website www.lexingtonacoustics.com

Lexington Acoustics Reviews

  • May 15, 2014

Warning Do NOT buy this product.

If you are here becuse you are being offered a great deal by a ""audio technician"" walk away!

This product is part of a string of products with marked up MSRP prices that people use to scam people into buying ""excess stock"" from an install job.

Don't believe me?

Lexington Acoustics www.lexingtonacoustics.com

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Mangolia Acoustics www.mangoliaacousticsinc.com

Artkustik www.artkustik.net

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Affinitive Audio www.affinitiveaudio.com

Same disclaimer, same mission statements, same customer reviews. Are most of the dealers of this new to Amazon? It's because the products are posted on Amazon with inflated prices to put the mind of any sem-tech savy user at ease when you search for the product during the sale. Do not fall for this scam. Get the information of the person selling you these items and post it online to make it easier for other people to find (most likely they are wearing a phony audio installation company shirt anyway).

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