Lexington Law Firm

Country United States
State Djibouti
City North Salt Lake
Address 360 N Cutler Dr
Phone (800) 341-8441
Website www.lexingtonlaw.com/

Lexington Law Firm Reviews

  • Jan 2, 2015

I signed up with them they told me they would fix my credit, I paid the about $100.00 and there was no progress

on my credit report so I closed my account.

After that they charged me another $100.00 witout my authorization.

So I lost about $200.00 in the process, I was willing to spend the $100.00 they quoted me and understood that.

They decived me and did nothing to fix a late of my credit report, on top of that they ripped me off.

They did not refund my money, I hate people the will lie just to extract a few bucks.

My advise Do not use them.


Pinion Hills Ca

  • Apr 28, 2014

"Lexington Law Firm _

Favorite Movie: Boiler Room

If you get duped into this ""Law Firm"" for credit repair then you should go to your bank and cancel your bank account and or credit cards depending on what you used to sign up.

DO NOT sign up period.

They use alias names and fake extension numbers.

Their fallback if you try to cancel is an automated response system that says due to an unpredictably

high call volume they cannot answer and to leave a message that no one will ever here.

No one can help you so they transfer you 3 times before sending you to that automated system.

The fact that the FTC is not involved on this case blows my mind.

Stay away and either repair your credit yourself or pay a trusted friend to do it (or see bottom link.)

If they never get caught on fraud then I am in the wrong industry.

They wasted my time, money, and cell phone minutes (lots of them when I tried to cancel my account.)

I am still receiving txt msgs from them....

They remind me of a virus making more money than a con artist selling a $4.5m Lamborghini Veneno Roadster to a blind man.

Lexington Law - Claims they don't send people to collection services either. Hrmm - That's because they are not even qualified enough to be accredited by the bbb (better business bureau.) That's weird...STAY AWAY!

Check out this for accurate information: http://www.credit.com/credit-reports/the-truth-about-credit-repair.

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