Lexington Management

Country United States
State El Salvador
City Green Bay
Address 1300 N Kimps
Phone 920.784.6419

Lexington Management Reviews

  • Aug 20, 2014


The buildings are so cheaply built they just barely meet building codes (or in some case they don't at all). They're management team are clueless, the living conditions are sub par at best.

The property I lived in the air conditioning units had no insulation in them. We made calls through out the fall letting them know there was something wrong only to be told that a strong draft from your AC units is normal. Winter hits and all of a sudden our living room and bedrooms are covered in ice.

We were the first people to live in our BRAND NEW unit and the master bedroom toilet leaked. It took them 3 weeks to come out and change it. When they changed it they pulled a construction worker off the job site next door to install a toilet. Not being a plumber, he over tightened the bolts that secure the toilet, so as soon as someone sat on it it cracked. Guess what, another three weeks of un-returned phone calls before we finally received working toilet.

When you turned off the master bathroom light, the power in half the apartment would go out. When my daughter would turn off her bedroom light, the other half of the apartments power would go out.

The carpet is something I've never experienced before, it wears out so quickly. Even with daily vacuuming it looked old, crushed and worn out after only a few months.

They will let just about anyone into their apartments as long as they make payments. We had the loudest, most aggressive and harassing neighbors upstairs. It was a family of 5 or 6 living in a 3 bedroom apartment. They were nasty, leaving junk in front of their front door and dropping random items off their upstairs patio on to ours every day. This included toys, beer cans, and cigarette butts. We had to call the police on numerous occasions. After an initial polite introduction and welcome to the complex from our family, we told them the noise was very loud upstairs. From that point on they did their best to make as much noise as possible. Their pack of what I call 'feral children' would literally bang on the floor all day long. Morning, afternoon, night and well into the wee hours of the morning. Management did nothing. When we asked to get out of our lease, management told us the tenants upstairs had already put in their 30 notice. Alright, we thought, we'll just wait it out. 30 days came and went and they were still there. Brought it up again, and management again told us they would be out on a specific date. This was March, we moved out in July. I believe those tenants are still living there to this day.

Phone calls are NEVER returned. If you have a problem with anything inside your apartment, heaven help you. When you call the front office they range from unpleasant to down right nasty.

The outside was horrible, bare dirt with patches of grass and dead sod where they made a half ass attempt at landscaping. The sprinkler system they installed pointed right at my front door. Thankfully, since they always use substandard products and contractors the system broke after the first winter.

When our lease was finally up, we found a new place to live we prepared the apartment to hand back over. Our final walk through went great and the property manager was pleased. She even said "The apartment looks great! We'll be mailing to deposit check back to you in about a month". About a month later I received a bill in the mail for over a thousand dollars in a convoluted chain of nonsensical billing charts. According to them we missed rent payments (I have records of all my checks, all the money came out, should THEY have records of this? Should I have been evicted if I didn't pay?) as well as having to replace a toilet seat and a 2' by 3' square of carpet.

Avoid this place at all costs.

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