Lexmark International, Inc.

Country United States
State Bosnia And Herzegowina
City Lexington
Address 740 W. New Circle Road
Phone 18592322000
Website www.lexmark.com/

Lexmark International, Inc. Reviews

  • Jul 29, 2014

I own a Lexmark C5543dn laser color printer. It I paid $250 in 2010 and it is a sm. office or home unit for network type use. It was expensive for toner cartridges from Lexmark, costing about $250 for all 4 cartridges for 2000 pages coverage. I then found a mail order after market replacement toner boxes that last longer and only cost $125 for about 3000 pages.

On 6/19/2014 I got a firmware error that would repeatedly return. I contacted Lexmark Customer support. They reviewed the error code, and found one of my computer was sending a print job with a new format that jammed the firmware up. I canceled the print job and the firmware error stopped and the problem ended. The Lexmark support tech instructed me to download the new firmware from the Lexmark website to prevent this problem from reoccurring. I did as instructed.

Without any warning the new firmware would not recognize my aftermarket toner boxes, even though they had been working before and were at least 1/2 full. The Tech then told me I had to buy new Lexmark toner boxes only for the printer to work again, (at a cost of $250 !!!.) I TOLD THEM TO SHOVE IT YOU KNOW WHERE, AND I WOULD DISTROY THE LEXMARK BEFORE THAN SPEND ANOTHER DIME AT LEXMARK.

I then search the internet and found that they were doing this intentionally to generate sales of there expensive toner boxed. Before this incident I was a big supported of this machine , but would never buy another Lexmark again because of there intentional and malicious firmware/malware. Do Not but Lexmark. If I cant find my older firmware and reactivated my printer I will buy something else instead sand destroy this once very good machine because of there malware. Additionally they installed this malware on all there firmware on all there products.

  • Jul 14, 2014

I own a X4550 printer, that worked fine for many years, however in the last 2 years I have been unable to scan to my computer. After several hours with their support team all the satisfaction I received was that for $119 they could fix the problem. Well for $119 I can buy a new printer. That said, I was able to devise a quick fix for the problem, by pulling the power cord out and plugging in the USB cable. This action enables me to use the scanner until I buy a new printer. Lexmark is shameless in their support. They know that the problem exists and they have two other repairs listed on their web site.

  • Jun 25, 2014

I purchased a lexmark 900 all in one printer to use at home and it never printed properly or synced up with the computer wirelessly without problems, I foolishly use customer support (out of country hard to understand accents, worthless) and I limped along till out of warranty at the retailer I purchased from and it still will not funtion properly they send a new print head 3 times but the printer only randoml;y prints good pages, DO NOT BUY From LEXMARK. I hope there is a class action law suit.

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