Lexus of Bridgewater

Country United States
State Central African Republic
City Bridgewater
Address 1550 U.S. 22
Phone 732-271-4000

Lexus of Bridgewater Reviews

  • Jan 12, 2015

Traded in a 2010 Chevy Colorado on a 2003 Silverado Diesel that was listed on The day I drove it home it left me stranded at the gas station. They had me bring the truck in. told me it needed fuel sending unit, injection pump, fuel filter and new lines. $3000 worth of repairs. said they would go 50/50 with me. I paid them the $1500 and when I got the truck back, WORSE than before. I told them they didn't fix squat.

so I brought it back in the week before thanksgiving. I received a phone call on DEC 29th. they said it was the fuel injectors and it was a $4000 job, but they would make the repairs at no cost to me. Jan 6th the GM called me up and said I had to pay half again. $2000?! WHAT?! I said no of course, and he told me tough luck I bought an "as is" vehicle and its not their problem.

I am an Iraq war veteran, I served 4 years with the Army and 3 years with the NJ National Guard, this is how lexus of bridgewater thanks me for my service, by robbing me on a $15000 truck and another $1500 in repairs that didn't fix jack! They must be real proud to support the troops and our veterans, REAL SCUMBAGS!

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