Lexus of Louisville

Country United States
State Kentucky
City Louisville
Address 2400 Blankenbaker Pkwy
Phone 888-704-2065

Lexus of Louisville Reviews

  • Jul 11, 2015

Purchased a 2012 Mercedes from Lexus of Louisville in June 2014. When closing on financing I purchased a maintenance agreement, and Warranty plan coverage. Spent $2626.00. The accounting rep knew I was from Indiana and when I asked her to confirm the coverages of both plans would be good at my local dealer in Indiana I was assured they would be.

In September went to my local Mercedes dealer for standard oil change and maintenance check up. Told them of my purchased agreement and they knew nothing of the warranty company and was shocked Lexus of Lousiville would try to confirm they would accept some warranty they have never heard of. I had to pay the $202 up front. I then contacted Lexus of Louisville back asking what was going on and was told by Matt Henderson - the sale manager - that I would have to file the claim for reimbursment on my own through their "warranty services comapny" in FL. and they should cover it and send to me. After 6 weeks I did receive a check for $79. I Was told they only cover a portion of it. (I was told by Lexus of Louisville my first 7 oil changes would be free since I bough the plan) . After several emails with them I finally found out that the maintenance plan I paid $628 for is for 6 oil changes only if done by them and free tire rotations at that time. What is ridiculous is I have staggered tires on a Mercedes and the tires cannot be rotated!!

In july 2015 I contacted Lexus of Louisville service department trying to get my next service maintenance call taken care of. I was willing to drive to their facility to have the routine maintenance done. However, when I spoke to the service technician he said " we don't even work on Mercedes and we'd have to send it to the dealer". I asked if Lexus of Louisville would be handling the fees involved then since I purchased the maintenance agreement with them and he said no. It is only good for oil changes at his facility. So basically what it comes down to is I paid $628 for a maintenance agreement that is useless. I have emailed and called the GM - Mike Meyer - 3 times now and not even gotten a response.

I even contacted their warranty company of Fidelity Warranty Services in FL. and was told that I should've never been sold the maintenance agreement without confirmation my local dealer would authorize it and that they wrote the agreement to only include regular oil changes - not synthetic oil as Mercedes requires. That is why they reimbursed me for only $79 on the first one. Obiously not only are they selling fraudulent plans they are incompetent as well!

Not to mention when I drove the car 2 hours home there was oil on the floor of my garage. I contacted my local Mercedes dealership to look at it. They told me when Lexus of Lousiville changed the oil in my car before I bought it they neglected to replace a seal and that is why it was leaking. I had to pay up front for this and contacted my sales rep - Frtiz Bauer - and the customer service manager - Matt Henderson - for reimbursment. After 8 weeks and numerous phone calls, emails etc I did receive a check and an apology.

Needless to say, if you are expecting honesty, customer service in any way and a reputable company to do business with do NOT go to Lexus of Louisville!! Beware!!!!

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