Lexus of Nashville

Country United States
State Czech Republic
City Nashville
Address 2010 Rosa L Parks Blvd
Phone 615-868-4400

Lexus of Nashville Reviews

  • Oct 16, 2014

I agreed to purchase a 2010 Nissan Maxima (Pre-Owned) at 6:00 pm Oct 13th 2014. Sales Manager Thomas Arena agreed to 72 months @ 5.15%, $0 down. We shook hands. I also have it in Arena’s writing on my own personal documents, which I am saving for my lawyer. I told him my credit score was probably about 690, he said “Sure, as long as it’s in 690-719 tier you’ll get 72 months @ 5.15%, $0 down. No worries.” I have a witness – salesman Jessie Baker – who heard and saw the same terms.

At 6:45 pm they took the Nissan to have it washed and detailed for me, while they printed the paperwork. I sat down with Julia Robertson, Business Manager. My credit score turned out to be higher than I thought… 700, not 690. At 7:40 pm I finished signing the Sales Contract and all the paperwork – Platinum Warranty, Gap Coverage, & all disclosures. Everything. The deal was done at 72 months, 5.15% rate, $0 down. We shook hands and I drove home in my new Nissan.

13 hours after signing the deal – Julia Robertson called me at work – and told me “You need to accept alternative terms – either 6.4% and $3500 down, or 7.98%, $0 down – and you need to accept one today, or else return the vehicle to me immediately.” She added that "You cannot have the 5.0% rate, and you knew that was a possibility." She called me at work, by the way. I had to excuse myself from a staff meeting. I told her I was calling Lexus Corporate Customer Service (which I have done), the Better Business Bureau (which I have done), Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (which I have done) and my lawyer (which I have done).

Today Mr. Arena emailed me a forged document that he claims I signed, that says the entire transaction was "Condtional." They've gone from auto dealer fraud to harassment to forgery in 36 hours.


Brentwood TN

  • Oct 16, 2014

Lexus of Nashville: Solution

Call the FBI and State Attorney's Office

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