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  • May 21, 2015

Purchased a NEW LG Nexus 5 d820 on 1/22/2014,

Device constantly overheated - but I dealt with issues - reported to LG nothing done.

Jan 12 2015 device power button failed - stuck in loop on boot... will not power off or on.

I called 1/12/15 and reported the defect. An RMA was authorized and the support person advised it was still under warranty since I purchased it 1/22/14 and it was within the 12 month from date of purchase.

I sent the device using the shipping label provided by LG.

FedEX LOST my package - actually what happened was another label got stuck to it and it was sent to New York instead of Texas. After months of waiting on device repair update status I inquired with LG the status of the repair - they advised they had not received it. I provided the tracking number and showed it was delivered - we tracked it to a New York location - not the address on the LG provided shipping label. I immediatly opened an investigation with FedEX and they assisted me in contacting the receiving company. We identified the employee who signed for the package and the device was returned to me early May 5th 2015.

May 7th LG created a NEW RMA as the old RMA was olny for 30 days due to internal proceedure. I shipped the package the same day using the label provided.

On May 11th I receive an email and a phone call explaining the device was received by the LG repair facility but explained the device is no longer under warranty and that there would be a repair fee if I did not upload a proof of purchase.

I immediately went to the dealer I purchased the phone from and printed and then uploaded both a picture and a pdf printout of the receipt dated 1/22/14.

Today I received the phone back, no other communication prior, and the phone was not repaired - it showed Out of Warranty and Customer Did Not Respond... This is total lie. I recoreded the calls and verified that LG received the proof of purchase.

I called today - understandably upset - and they tell me they are not responsible for the lost device in the mail and that the warranty coverage is only if it is delivered to the technician by the expiration of the warranty time.

It is inexcusable behavior. I have wasted DAYS arguing with the few people at LG that can actually speak English and on several occassions I was told that they would still honor the warranty since the problem was identified within the time of the warranty - but today their attitude has changed and they refuse to give me an address where I can send a legal notice, or any other names or numbers of people I can talk to so that I can file a complaint.

LG is perhaps the WORST electronics company I have ever dealt with. I spent good money for a device that I was fairly happy with - but there are thousands of similar complaints (overheating, defective buttons) and very few consumers actually got their devices repaired under warranty. The typical response I have seen is that LG get them to send a phone in and then they demand a fee to repair and refuse to honor the warranty.

The warranty does not state the device has to be received and checked out by a LG technician by the end of the term of the warranty period - it says the device will be free from defect for the FULL term of the covered period. It was clearly identified as a defective product during the term of coverage.

This is one pissed-off disabled military veteran who will not be satisfied until LG pays for my phone, sends me a new one or repairs the device as required under their warranty. I am filing consumer fraud complaints with Kansas, New Jersey and Texas (repair facility is in Texas, NJ is the address listed on the LG website, Kansas is where I purchased the phone and presently live).

LG - your refusal to assist in this matter will cost you - not me. I have no problem filing civil small claims in all three states to determine proper jurisdiction to revcover the costs of the phone plus damages as allowable.

If anyone else has similar issue - please contact me - I believe there are enough similar unhonored warranty complaints to file a class action or invovle the FTC/DOJ antitrust division.


One really upset LG Nexus 5 owner

  • Apr 22, 2015

I bought a lg optimus f7. within 2 months the phone display stopped working. boost with my carrier they said that I had to contact LG and have them under the warranty. it is important for everyone to know I never abused this phone ever dropped it. I used to correct charger they sent me, and never overloaded it or used it while charging. it just simply quit working to display only. I contacted LG they had me package it and send it to them at my expense. and it took a long time for them to get it back to me. well I found out they had it still there but had been serviced. so I received the package back home convinced that I was going to have a brand new or fixed phone. that was not the case they sent the phone back and included the notes or documentation that the board was bent and unrepairable. those are pretty final words unrepairable. they could have said anything but they use the word unrepairable. and they included a little bit of documentation by the way it appears as though they had the phone in their hands for less than 5 minutes. I was furious and I called them, and I was seriously disappointed at the customer service, finally insisted I would never hang up until I spoke to a manager, when he got on he basically told me I was screwed and I said to him what do you mean you are telling me that I paid $400 for what is now a disposable phone and he replied yes. I was in a bit of tears. I took the phone to a reputable and certified technician, he was shocked at what he found inside my phone, he saw where they had put arrows excetera showing where the damage was and he said they lied,.because clearly the board was not bent and everything that they pointed to was incorrect and fraudulent.. it took him awhile to figure out what was the problem with my phone but he did and it was a defective part on the phone itself. he himself tried to contact LG to replace it or get them to send/sell him a part they would not they refused to help. he went out and bought used phones like mine it was able to replace the defective part and the phone was operational and still is. he has documented all the work he did I have documented all the lies all the. Everything that I have.we would like to start a class action lawsuit does anybody else want to get on board?

  • Mar 26, 2015

LG did not honor warranty. Gave me the Run Around. Its all a scam

  • Jul 12, 2014

I purchased LG's top of the line OLED 55" TV on Ebay. After only a month of use, the TV just stopped working. I was changing channels and poof the screen went blank and died.

I purchased the TV on Ebay May 17, 2014. The back of the TV says the TV was manufactered January 2014. It stopped workiong June 24, 2014. When I called to get warranty work done on the set, LG told me they did not warranty an product that was NOT purchased from an authorized dealer. I explained to them that the TV was stamped with the manufactering date and I was well within the 1 yr warranty period. LG stated they did not care and if I had read their warranty papers (over 20 pages of fine print) that I would have discovered LG doesn't warranty any product not purchased through a licensed authorized dealer.

  • Jul 5, 2014

1. Customer service at LG Electronic will lie to you & giving you wrong info when contacting them on the phone. They told me that i can use 2 Mastercard prepaid credit card to make a payment on a service call, after purchasing a second card because did not have enough to clear the all amount of the charges with only one card, they told me that it should be fine after requesting this specific request to the own customer service department, after returning on the phone and telling me that it was OK with them, i did purchase the extra prepaid credit card to make full payment the next day, then the billing department says to me that they cannot do this with 2 cards. Bottom line; They lied to me and end up buying a prepaid card for nothing.

2. Billing department refuse to produce a proper invoice for a service call via email, telling me that they cannot mentioned what the charges are for on the invoice but just the amount they want me to pay in advance before the service call has actually been done. Bottom line; They want to take money from me without producing or giving me in advance a proper invoice that describes the charges of the service call.

Got my lesson and will never deal or buy any products from this company again, NEVER!

1. Refund the prepaid MasterCard credit card that i had to purchased after the customer representative lied to me on the phone.

2. Make everybody aware about LG Electronic on the web and about their fraudulent Billing Department Service asking immediate payment without providing you before with a proper details description of the charges for their services on the invoice.

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