LGI Homes, Inc.

Country United States
State Texas
City The Woodlands
Address 1450 Lake Robbins Drive, Suite 430 |
Phone (855) 210-2618
Website http://www.lgihomes.com/

LGI Homes, Inc. Reviews

  • Jul 10, 2015

We also got a call or an invite to dinner by LGI. The reason given was to come an talk about our experiences with timeshare. We agreed to go to discuss about what we thought was just a discussion about time share but when we got there we were asked a lot of questions about our points and asked about how much we pay a year. When they found out that we had paid off our timeshare but was not satisfied with our yearly taxes and maintaince fees at West Gate, was enough for the vultures to start in and focus on that point. At first the rep or counsler as he refered himself as was very nice and spoke to us as if he had some sense in his head but as the night progressed and we did not seem interested in what the sales pitch was, the angrier and nasty he got. Then another rep or what ever was called in as a reinforcment to try another tactic sales pitch and this guy was very persistant and questioning us as if we were schoool chidren. We held to or NO THANK YOU and then another guy who said that he was the supervisor came in and he talked to us worse then the other two guys before him. Scolding us as if we needed a spanking for saying NO. He and the other two guys tried to get us to fill out an application for credit cards, telling us that we would not be responsible for anything and that they were not sure if we would even be accepted. When I told them that I did no know who the credit card people were and NO THANK YOU for the last and final time, you would have thought that all cannons were brought out and how dare us say no to them and they became even more nasty and indignant to us and talking loud so that the whole resturant could hear what they were saying to us. Their adittudes and voices begin to sound as if to tell us to get out from their sight. As I extended my hand to shake theirs, they just walked away from us. I guess we weren't being suckers enough for them. They could have gotten over on us and taken advantaged of by a company who make their money on innocent hard working people. That's how they become richer and we become poorer by being suckered into their lies and deceit. Paying out more money to them then ever before and stuck with either their timeshares and or credit cards. Credit card companies who have their own interest percentages on their monthy payments. So now you're stuck with either two payments or no longer have anything but extended bills instead of your first original timeshare. So if you have time shares or any kind of shares please be careful of the sharks. Timeshares can some times be a pain in the butt to have. Rates on taxes and maintance fees might not be to your liking but please be careful of who you're signing away your life to. Especially if you don't know anything about the company. A lot of times they will tell you everything is great but as we always say everything that looks too good t be true most likely is. Signing papers can be a binding contract that you can't get out of without paying thousands in lawyer and legal fees to get out of. Some times it's better to keep your timeshare until the company where you bought it from comes to you with better deals, or someone you know and trust can give you one. Please be careful of rip offs and please try and check them out before signing your name on the dotted line. Good Luck

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