Country United States
State Colombia
Address PO BOX 31
Phone 3303505178


  • May 7, 2014

November 2012 I began looking for a lead source for the month of December, we all know it can be a pretty lean month. After looking into direct mail and seminars I found whoever they are. According to my contract 20 appointments in 4 weeks guaranteed sounded great. after speaking to there rep I was told it was imperative I complete the paperwork ASAP and submit it. November 26, 2012 spent $1485.00...ouch.. holiday money much needed for family...good for them , bad for me. (THE JOKE WAS ON ME)

They got my money an ran. Nothing, I heard nothing through December, they were enjoying the holidays on my money and I was sucking buttermilk. Finally did here from them in January!!! Thats of course after several calls complaining about no appts, finally started to get responses...not good, nothing within any of the demographics I selected, no appts just names on a sheet of paper indicating someone or something I could run down, where they came from is unknown. Anyone can use the phone book!!!!

I was contacted by this guy Matthew Dilday, President/Owner/ whatever, claiming he would fix everything. He claimed he would send out and additional 2000 mailers and my contract would be fulfilled. Nothing came of that either, the few appts recieved were not within any of the demographics we established within my contract. This continued on for some time between us, I would call and he would avoid contacting me. He claimed to send out more mailers after I agreeded to open some of the required demographics however nothing became of this.

My last conversation with him was regarding his new seminar program. All that was required of me was to pick a restaurant, a date and a time and he would fill the room with my required number of prospects. If he could do this it would fullfill his obligation to me in regards to my contract. (WISHFULL THINKING) The date and time came and went with no communication from him whats so ever. After numerous calls and no response from him I had to cancel the seminar. The company and the man are crooks.

This seems to be an ongoing business practice for him and his associates, get the money and run. After investigating further with the help of ripoffreport.com similar situations have occured with other individuals with his previous company affiliation USF Marketing.

I've contacted my three FMO's to make them aware of the business practices this company seems to have implemented towards me and my fellow agents. Hopefully the word will get around and nobody else will lose there money. I've sent all my written documention to them so they may confirm the problems I've encountered in dealing woith this person and his company.

I've also filed a copy with the OHIO ATTORNEY GENERALS office, my case representative there is Bonnie Comery, If anyone would like copies of my documentation please don't hestitate to contact me.