Lizzy Cast aka Elizabeth Castilla aka Chichi Medina

Country United States
State Alabama
City Los Angeles

Lizzy Cast aka Elizabeth Castilla aka Chichi Medina Reviews

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  • May 27, 2020

My good friend is in love with his yoga instructor who goes by lizzy cast. After meeting her i felt something was not right. She seems so insincere and very little emotion. My dad is a detective and he ran her name through the database and told me all about her.

He sent me links to her arrest shoplifting in dade county florida for petty theft) and links to her porn videos and fetish stuff. These videos go back almost 10 years. There are thousands of them.

Her real name is elizabeth castilla but her porn name is chichi medina and now she uses another fake name obviously so people don't know what kind of stuff she does on the side) which is lizzy cast.

I am so grossed out about what i saw. I don't want my friend to get hurt as he has a great career but maybe he will someday research her and find out the truth.

Her instagram promotes her as yoga instructor and "spiritual" person with all of these quotes. My dad sent me links to some fetish videos as recent as last week may 2020) so obviously she hasn't changed and is obviously a fraud.

If my friends gets too serious i may have to tell him but i am afraid he won't believe me.

I don't understand how some people can live a lie like this. It's beyond me.

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  • Jul 10, 2020

I tried to click on the website and the forward slash didn't need to be there so I reposted so you can access. I think I know this girl. She lives in the Santa Monica area.

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  • Feb 7, 2021

Leave Her Alone

Everyone has a past. She is trying to leave her life as an adult actress behind and forge a new one with something she is passionate about. If you saw recent links to her adult work (seems to me like you're the one with the problem), it has more to do with when the producer posted the material, not when it was made. She hasn't worked in the adult industry for several years. Leave her alone and get a life.

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