M&M Tool and Machinery

Country United States
State Djibouti
City Salt Lake City
Address 3362 South Main Street
Phone 801-485-8200
Website www.mmtoolparts.com/

M&M Tool and Machinery Reviews

  • Jan 8, 2015

I have been looking for an overhaul kit for a framing nailer for quite a while and found that they had the kit on their webpage for 75 cents. Realizing this was a great deal I ordered 10 as I am in the construction industry and will need it again. I completed my order and the funds left my bank account. I called later in the day to confirm and was told that it was incorrectly listed and that they would not honor the price that was still at that time available on their webpage. I had a completed order and had already been charged so they simply said we will refund you your money. I called back and asked for the supervisor over the webpage to see if they just didn't care about customer service or what. In speaking with Amy the website manager I again asked if their company would stand behind the price that was listed and the order I had already completed and been charged for.

She stated that as a small business they couldn't absorb the loss due to human error and that not only would they not honor the completed order but they wouldn't even allow me to purchase 1 of the kits at that price which I thought would have been the least they could do for bringing it to their attention.

As a small business we just can't take a loss due to human error" is all she kept saying. The fact remains that there was a screw-up on their end and they refused to honor the order that was already processed and the money gone from my bank account, or even refund the total and let me purchase one at that price as a symbol of good faith and customer service. That's not how you do business. I have screen shots and pictures of everything to back it all up as well.

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