M&T Bank

Country United States
State Chile
City Amherst
Address 626 Commerce Drive
Phone 1-800-724-1552
Website https://www.mtb.com

M&T Bank Reviews

  • Feb 10, 2015

On December 21st, my debit card and other personal information was used by a hacker, or some other thief to steal $296.42 cents from my checking account. On that day, there were roughly 35-40 authorizations that went through in Kansas City, MO, and Canada for a ton of different stores. M&T stopped and killed the card as I was in the store attempting to purchase Christmas gifts, that's great, I thought M&T was actually on my side when I found out my card was compromised.

I filed the dispute, the money was put back into my account, and now, I am finding out that M&T is saying that these charges are valid. The charges originated from KANSAS CITY MO. And I was in BALTIMORE MD attempting to purchase Christmas gifts for my daughter at Arundel Mills Mall.

The thief had the first package to my house, I went to the bank and asked what do I do with this as I didn't order it! And now I'm being told because of that $9.95 package (the very first transaction that went through), which I never ordered and again, it was done in, again, Kansas City MO at the same time I was in Baltimore MD, that M&T is now taking the $296.42 out of my account because the transaction was valid. How was I in two parts of the country at the same time?

M&T has the IP address showing where the transactions came from, in Kansas City MO. I need help. I can't afford to have almost $300 stolen from me. I have no problems bringing in the police Dept to investigate as I did nothing wrong, and I did NOT do any of the transactions that were authorized by M&T, and none that were processed by M&T.

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