M. Bjorn Petersen Transportation, Inc.

Country United States
State Arizona
City Glendale
Address 5701 W Maryland Ave
Phone 623-435-9400
Website http://www.petersentrans.com/

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  • Apr 3, 2015

This is just an update to the last post about this company. Everything that was said in the previous commints about Mbjorn Petersen Transportation is true. I was a company driver for about 4 months and later a lease operator for about 2.5 months. Sam aka Mads, is the owner and over all Hitler of the company. His wife Sinove (pronounced like the cinnabon name of the rolls) will act like she is a driver advocate, but in reality will relay all your complaints to Sam (her husband). He will intern proceed to give you a ration of crap and make every effort to stomp your soul into the dirt over it. They require you to sign a statement that you will main via usps your bills to the main office with a written trip envelope within 48 hrs or be charged 25.00 dollars for failure to do so. They want the paper work as quick as possible so they can bill their customers.

This I understand. However they refused to pay for trip pack or fedex or any other overnight service. They have an account with US Foods. Therefore they do not require any bills for proof of delivery. Yet they will still make you wait to get paid until you turn in a trip envelope with your milage(which you have to record every time you cross statelines, real safe to be writing as your driving.) The odd thing is, you can scan your paper work at the transflow kiosk at Pilot/flying j or Other such truck stops, but they will still not pay until they get the paperwork in their hands by Friday.

Cash advances are available on their TCH card once every 24 hrs from the time you got the last one for 25.00. 50.00 if you are a lease/owner opp. Sam does not believe in APU's. and he runs 2000-2003 Freightliner century's and 2010 International Prostars. All of his trucks have at the very least 800,000+ miles or more. Most over a million x 3. Not that im against rebuilding motors. That is a very cost effective way of maintaining a reliable fleet. He just wont do preventative maintainence. If it rolls its good. Fix it when it breaks on the side of the road on US 54 in no where New Mexico. I could go on and on but you get the idea. You want to beg for your pay, worry about breaking down. No heat in the bunk, leaking a gallon of oil every two days, refer units that are 15 years and sound like it. And and old Man who tie a chain around your neck to yank when ever the need suits him. Then Petersen is the place for you. I realize that the trucking industry is quite challenging at times. its not for everyone.

I have had my ups and downs with companies over the last 14 years of my experience. Im certainly not perfect. I do make mistakes and have done some bone head things though out my career as a truck driver. But this was the worst experience of my career. Its a miracle that this company is still in business. I know I can do Better. By the way dont be foolish as I was and try to by a truck from this guy. The freightliner century will be sold to you with a rebuilt engine with a crank shaft from China for 39,000 and or a International Prostar 2010 with that DPF Regin crap for 49,000 with 20% interest. You pay everything, HVU Tax, plates, insurance, tolls, prepass, 50.00 dollars per month for Qualcom. Oh ya I almost forgot. Remember to unplug your Qualcom very often. Sam will show you how lol. He also may call you time to time to tell you that your very hungry so go toward your reload destination and look for a place to eat. Thats code for unplug and save hours to get your reload. I had to do that so much i think i may have damage the serial plug on the box. I always kept a loose leaf log book handy. He loves to send you to Hunts Point and Boston Market. Hunts being the real pain in the butt. He will sometimes send you to the Brooklyn Terminal market. Fun drive though the center of Brooklyn for 4 pallets of tomatoes. He runs produce from AZ and CA to the north east. Oh and if he says your on a roller. That just means congrats you get to pull a load of produce from az to 4 stops who knows where north east US. Thats always fun. All in all a crap outfit cause using the word company implys some sort of upstanding organization.

If I where looking for another Trucking job and was supper desperate I would rather work for Swift. I can't believe i said that. But thats how bad these guys are. One last thing. Linda is the saftey/ log lady there. She is no bother. just remember to do you qualcom vehicle inspection macro every day your out weather you drive or not. Otherwise she is oblivious to any HOS violations you may be committing. Have fun and carry plenty of oil.

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  • Aug 27, 2017


I drove for him for over a year and he screwed me out of money when I went to get some trailers in kingman as when us foods were on strike. I truly did not care for Finn he was always rude. The payroll lady was a piece of work as well

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