Maaco/Perez Auto Painting & Body Repair

Country United States
State Bangladesh
City St. Petersburg
Address 3984 Tyrone Blvd North
Phone 7273448762

Maaco/Perez Auto Painting & Body Repair Reviews

  • Jun 27, 2014

On 05/05/14, I turned over my 1999 Ford Crown Victoria to the Maaco located on Tyrone Blvd. The condition of the vehicle was that is had white paint, some minor dents, and some left over pieces from decals the police department used. As we did the walk around of the vehicle, I advised the representative that I wanted the vehicle sanded to remove all of the decal pieces and the vehicle was to be painted black. I did not ask for the door jams to be painted. I also did not ask that the dents be removed as they were relatively minor.

On 05/09/14, I picked up the vehicle and the first thing I noticed was that it was parked under a tree and covered in pollen so it was hard to inspect. But from what we could see, we found bubbles on the rear passenger side bumper that the representative claimed was a body work. It was clearly poorly applied paint that bubbled up. It is caused by moisture under the paint, the use of poor quality thinner, or painting the vehicle in humidity. I found that the pillars on the doors still have parts of the decal on it and they painted over it. Had they sanded it like they were supposed to, there would have been nothing to paint over. I also found on the A-pillar where it was smudged and a large scratch. I told them I was unhapy with the issues and they offered to repaint the pillars in two weeks after the paint dried. I was also told that if I did not sign the paperwork saying that I was satisfied, they would not return my vehicle. I made them sign the form saying that the work was not done properly and it was to be repaired in two weeks before I would sign it.

After I had a chance to wipe the vehicle down, I found other issues. I found scratches in the paint from when they buffed it while it was still wet, I found fingerprints and smudges in the paint, I found areas where they failed to properly prepare the vehicle and the old white factory paint was still showing. They ripped off a rubber gasket on the passenger side marker light that prevented moisture from entering the lens. They painted one exhaust pipe, but taped the other (which they left on the car). I found places where the paint ran and left noticeable overlaps.

I contacted Corporate and they stated that it was a franchise and the franchise is responsible for the work. As of this post, the location refuses to do anything other than the pillars.

My request was simple: either to redo the entire car properly, to fix the blemishes and refund the reconditioning fee, and to pay for my rental if the job takes longer than 24 hours.

Due to the lack of cooperation, I have filed a complaint with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and a fraud complaint with the State Attorney General's office. If they honor their contract and redo the entire car properly, I will drop the complaints.

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