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Maaco Reviews

  • Jul 1, 2015

Per the Manager Chris he sated the "Rear Entire" Passenger door of my Black BMW was supposed to be "Replaced" and only the outside panels where, and its falling apart. I took the care back various times (3 times) because it keeps falling apart because they used the same damaged interior door, and only replaced the outside panels. I spoke with Chris the manager, and told him that I want the old door to be given to me as proof that it was replaced, before the repairs, and they never gave it to me, this is when I was told only the "outside panels" were repaired and replaced and not the "entire door as promised". The care was finished 9/10/2014, the same day I noticed the outside exterior panel was hanging and so they pushed it back in,

I have been to the shope 3 times, for several reasons, It has an air leak, the interior door now wont open because it keeps coming apart, Now a 4th time I have to go in pay for a rental car, take off work to on Tuesday of next week again for repairs. The Manager Chris even had the audacity to get an attitude with me because I am fed up with going back and forward. I took it in 6/30/15, fouth time and the gap is still there, I was told by Jon "we cant help you" when I asked for the owner or manager he said "no one is here" I paid $39 for cab to pick up th car and they refused to reimburse me. I need a refund to get this car repaired correctly as it is a leased car. Consumers be aware!

  • May 5, 2015

We contracted for paint and trim work at Maaco Pearland 12/20/2014. We dropped of the vehicle on 12/21/2014. We retrieved the vehicle with not off of the work completed to our satisfaction on 5/4/2015!!

They expect us to pay for their mistakes. Mistakes that should have not happened if the installation had been done in an experienced professional manager. Instead of fixing their mistake, they ignored, lied and delayed from 2/6/2015 until 5/4/2015.

I can not recommend anyone doing business here. They don't stand behind their work locally or nationally. They would rather keep your car until you get fustrated and "go away" according to their local manager. They don't deserve anyone's hard earned money. There are alot of better paint and body shops around. Shop around. Find someone reputable. I'm sure its not this organization.

The details:

We had provided fender flare to replace the rusted original factory trim.

The truck was not supposedly finished until 2/6/15. We photographed the loose trim and notified the manager before we left. He said that we could bring it back at a later date and that they would check it. The trim parts did not stay on the vehicle. They literally fell off within a few miles of leaving the shop.

Called the trim part vendor and had a conference call with the manager at Maaco. The trim vendor stated that the installer at Maaco was supposed to use screws to attached the trim. This is supposed to be standard for this type of installation. The manager at Maaco first said that there were no screw and when challenged about why they only used the weather stipping to attach the trim. They then said that the instructions did not mention any screws. The trim vendor stated that he would replace the parts at no cost if Maaco could produce the instructions that instructed the installer to only use the weather stripping to attache these trim parts. The trim vendor stated that any competent professional installer should have know that screws should be used, especially if the trim was loose at the finish of the job. At the end of the conference call, the manager at Maaco was supposed to call the trim vendor back in three days to determine whether or not he had the instructions or the screws in question. The trim vendor number was provided during the call and I emailed it to him right after the call. After two weeks, I called the trim vendor and he stated that he had not received any messages or calls from Maaco. After calling Maaco and getting a series of finger points and excuses, it was clear than nothing was done.

I called the Maaco national customer service number and a concern file was started. They local Maaco manager called back after 3 days and blamed the trim vendor. It was clear that the Maaco manager did not want to purchase another set of trim parts to replace the part that was lost due to the improper install by their installer. He them said that we never called the trim vendor because he didn't have phone number dispute having it at the conference call and recieving it by email. He claimed that the problem was a product defect and had nothing to do with the installation. After spending over $2000 on work at the Maaco, I was not happy that he was refusing to stand behind his work for a $235 kit.

I called Maaco national again and was told that my case was escalated to corporate. I was given a number for Jaclyn at corporate. I called it and it was a mail box that was not accepting any messages. I called the national number again to tell them that the mail box was not accepting any messages and was hung up on.

I called the office of the national president of Maaco, Jose Costa and spoke to the secretary that put me intouch with Chris Brown in the executive office. He listed to my problem and promised to get a resolution and call me back.

In the end corporate was no help. We retrieved our vehicle on 5/4 with out getting the trim parts replaced or fixed. I would never do business or recommend any one I know do business with this store or any other for that matter. Their local and national customer service is the worst that I have encountered anywhere to mention that they had my care for almost 5 months.

  • Jul 23, 2014

On 5/30/14 I submitted my vehicle to be repaired as a result of a hit and run accident which occurred on 5/20/14. At that point the Maaco representative advised me they would get an estimate and have my insurance company adjuster come and inspect the vehicle. I okayed the repairs to begin and in turn picked up my car on Saturday 6/14/14. Upon retrieving my vehicle I performed a check of the basic visual noticeable repairs at which point I realized the repairs where incomplete. For (1) my door was still unfixed, then driving it off the premises I came to notice other issues (2) my wheel alignment wasn't done and (3) there was a noise still coming from the point of impact as result of the accident. I immediately advised Maaco of what I found and they advised me it was closing time to bring my vehicle back on Monday. I subsequently dropped my car off on Monday 6/16/14 where they fixed the alignment and my door issue and told me the noise issue was repaired. I once again drove off for what I thought would be the redemption of the mediocre service I received from this company only to hear the noise was still happening. I yet again contacted the Maaco only for them to tell me bring the car back again and they will look into it; (please bear in mind I'm 9 months pregnant due any day now making several trips back and forth to this place only to be given excuses for inferior services). On Tuesday 6/17/14 I reluctantly brought my vehicle back to Maaco where their "mechanic" did a drive around the block with me and listened to the noise. I left my car with then on Wednesday 6/18/14 to once again resolve the same issue; when I got their to pick up my car the front desk clerk told me I have to bring my car to my own mechanic I asked to speak with the manager/owner Al. He came out to tell me the same ridiculousness, and now all of a sudden there's a sleuth of other issues going on with my car which was bologna seeing that this issue was clearly a result of the accident that occurred on 5/20/14. At this point I can emphatically conclude that Maaco is scam artist and I would never want anyone to experience what I've gone through with them. Having to deal with a hit and run is traumatic enough; then to top it off deal with a repair shop who's less than bothered that their clients are given a disservice is very disheartening!!!! At this point I asking for a refund so my vehicle can be fixed correctly and completely.

  • Apr 28, 2014

On 03/11/2014 took my 2009 Pontiac fox g6 to get painted and door replaced.I was told it could be done and it would cost me $1400 and it will be ready in four days to pick up.So I paid $700 cash down and left my car trusting it would be fine and I would be happy.On the forth day witch was 03/15/2014 I called to see if my was car was ready for me and to come pay the rest of my payment and I was told my car wasn't ready and I asked why I was told because of the weather it wasn't ready yet so then I was told to it my be ready the next day before 5:00pm. I was like ok so I called the next day to be told once again it wasn't ready.

So,by now I was worried but what else could I do. Nothing but wait so Monday came in I called on my break at work about 12:00 pm. and was told to call back in a hour and they'll be able to let me no if my car was ready so I got mad but I said ok Commonly I called back to be told the same thing so by now worried but still commonly said ok.But, I asked so when will I be able to come get my car the next day that I needed to get a time. AN I was folded any time after 12 noon .So I said ok I was told to call before I come but I didn't I just went around 1:30pm my sis aunt & uncle took me.

When I went the office the manager Jay Goodin .Was talk to two other customers so he finished up with them and then.Started to help me he printed up the finale receipt and I paid the rest witch was $700 In cash . He told me to have a seat that they was cleaning up the car. I'm so happy at the time just too get my car. So about ten minutes later said my car was ready.So I went outside I looked over the car and seen alot of bad areas he told to bring my car back in a week he even wrote on the receipt I said ok . I was less then ten minutes away on highway 166.

I turn on my radio and my car at that time completely shut down. I was scared and almost got hit three times but on coming traffic.Thank God my in my sister uncle got over safely after. This never happen to me in nothing was wrong with my car I mean nothing I keep good up keep on it . The first person I called was Maacos and asked if maybe they left the key in or something he got very mad and said so what you trying to say no one drove it out car. I then said I never said that and that I was just asking.I called my insurance company to use my road side assistances. So then I towed my car to my house just thinking I might need a jump start.

Had the tow truck driver to give me a jump nothing on my dask broad was a car and a lock on it I never seen this so I went get my battery charged at advance auto and then came back in put it in the car for me to try to start it and there was nothing but the same thing on the dash so I left the car and went on to made dinner to be told by my son in friends that it was making this noise but the car was off in the keys was in the kitchen with me .SO this was odd for real I made a video and took more pictures of the my car that I will love to share with you . And I have many emails where I have been sending to this lady for mascots Corp.

By the name of Jacqueline Wooden and I had spoken to her for her to tell me that Marcos was frundise and it was to the owner to refund me my money for this trouble paint job and that they had messed up my car tell it has locked me out and the anti theft has been triggered and my car has automatically locked me out I have lost my job because of the I'm stuggling because of this I'm a single mother of one and I'm still new here from Florida I need some help with this so please find it in your heart to help me with this please.

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