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Mach 1 Expedited Transport Reviews

  • Jan 29, 2015

David which is the owner and operator of Mach 1 Expedited Transport had caused damages to my motorcycle. I live in Florida and moving back to California so, I have been looking around for shipping companies to ship my motorcycle. I found my first time shipper originally but wasn't able to make the trip from Los Angeles to Florida. The original shipper that I went to then gave the obligations to this guy Dave of Mach 1 Expedited Transport. Dave took that opportunity to pick up my bike and do the transport himself. So, the full responsibility is on Dave! Upon picking up my bike, he did a walkthrough of my motorcycle (no current damages other than the ones I disclosed and showed him of just minor scratches here and there, and a missing side panel.) He wrote those down on his Bill of Ladding and gave me a copy. I also mentioned that my bike is lowered and told him to becareful loading and unloading because the bottom of my bike will scrape!

Days go by, during his transport, he had called me saying that another motorcycle from inside of his trailer had hit the undertaillight of my bike. First of all, I don't ever want to hear that something bad happens to my bike. He sent me a picture of the damage and from what I was seeing, its not ONLY the taillight that got damaged but the whole tail section of my bike. I was calm and asked him that he needs to replace them and he agreed. I found my replacement parts that I needed and asked him to pay me around $170. I still have a feeling about the damages to my bike knowing that I can't inspect it myself because I am still in Florida. I called my friend in California the next day and asked him to do a walkthrough of my bike and inspect for any other damages. Sure enough that THERE'S MORE DAMAGE than what Dave was claiming. My motorcycle won't even start!! Obviously $200 WILL NOT cover the rest of the additional damages that my friend saw that day.

Here is the trouble with Dave. I have told him that we found more damages to the bike. He was playing Golf and can't even call me to talk about it and all of our conversations are through text messaging. He said he will take care of it and kept saying the same thing. I could not wait because it will be 1 week since he dropped off the bike and I cannot wait any longer than that just in case I needed to file a claim. Haven't heard from him until I said I will file a claim if he's not going to fix the issue. He texted me back curssing me and telling me to just f*** off!! How professional is that? I finally called my insurrance and filed a claim. I went to Better Business Beaureau and left him a negative feedback same as what I am doing here. I recently found out about his insurance and sure enough that he doesn't even have CARGO policy! I have proof of everything!!! and this guy threathened to sue me for Slander! So, Dave, how can you sue someone for stating the TRUTH??!! To end my story, I am in the process of filing a claim and will seek legal action. I will make sure that Dave, owner of Mach1 expedited transport will pay for the damages, and pay me for the inconveniences. STAY AWAY from this company and I highly not recommend him and his business to anyone else!

  • Jul 8, 2016

unfavorable report on my company

My Name is Jerry Manatt. I am the new owner of Mach 1 Expedited Transport, which I purchased from Dave Krmpotich. I do not know the facts of the shipment or what transpired between the parties involved in this review.

As the new owner of Mach 1 Expedited Transport, I am committed to excellent customer service and ethical business practices. I will work to resolve any disputes in a fair, courteous, and responsible manner.

Jerry Manatt

Mach 1 Expedited Transport

Prescott, AZ


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