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  • Dec 11, 2014

This complaint is not about Margie Haber Studios (MHS), but about one of its teaching instructors: Robin Dale Meyers.

Robin is a major piece of work. Don’t get me wrong because I may have to say this numerous times, but the process in and of itself is fabulous. It has been the first process in a slew of plenty of worthless Cali classes that actually teaches a process, so Margie Haber really has a great thing going on at her studio. The downside to the process itself is that you have to wait until you can graduate high enough to get to her level, in order for her to teach you. It’s possible, you could be one of the luckier ones who have been fortunate enough to get reoccurring roles, so then you would be allowed to jump to the head of the class and be trained by her, but alas I was not. I had to settle for Robin Dale Meyers and if you can’t already discern, I was not one of the lucky ones.

First all Robin talks too much, thinks she is right alllll the time and doesn’t leave room for anyone else’s suggestions or input. Someone really has to be that successful in the business in order to be able to make claims like that and she clearly isn’t, she is not a working actress. She is just another frustrated teacher that couldn’t do. She goes on and on about needing therapy and about how much therapy she has had, and that you might need therapy as well. Well guess what Robin, all of us are dysfunctional to a degree, but unless you’ve had psychological training, I daresay you’re the last person in the world that can make that call. Robin talks about all the therapy she needed because she was so insecure and the fact no one believes she is white, talk about being overly privileged, and she is just plain wrong. She also talks about how some of us have emotional blocks during class (more psyche talk apparently) and once she uses a word, she is stuck on that word for the rest of the class.

She makes plenty of judgment calls about each classmate based on an exercise where she has you make a list of three words that people have used to describe you. After this, she pretty much has you pegged, or so she thinks. She is such a worthless c > n t. She then starts to believe and act as if that is all you are, a descriptive word and that one word defines you during the rest of the course. Guess what you dimwit, people are not defined by just one word and you have no right to filter anyone based on your miserable experiences in life. She even had the nerve to say that people really don’t care about not caring how others see them. How do you know Robin? It’s just as much an opinion as anything else is and yours isn’t greater than anyone else’s…jeez. She makes me hurl.

I would have loved to continue classes at MHS, but that's its one downside; your ongoing classes have to be led by the teacher you had in your intensive course and mine was none other than the talk machine: Robin, or should I say bark machine? Why didn’t I take Courtney when I had the chance? I’m kicking myself very hard right now, because he was the one that had me sold during orientation, not Margie. There is no way I will remain under an instructor who I find not only useless in my growth, but stagnant in my development. In essence, it only means I would be stuck in a big, black, dark hole, with no means of escape, so I might as well not subject myself to any of it. No effing way. Robin’s suggestions never truly helped, and they were flat out useless. I truly wish I had another teacher I could go to because I would gladly pay again, just to start over.

I didn’t find the month long class overly pricey, but it was incredibly long at six hours, twice a week, and of course as previously mentioned, it was because Robin talked too much. Each student should come ready to tape and after constructive tweaks, tape again while they are still in the room, so we can see the difference pretty much following the adjustment, not after sitting through 10 to 12 other critiques then finding the energy to bring it on during the second take, close to midnight. My god, who came up with this schedule? In this way we’d not only have the energy, we would remember what we did and how the adjustment made it better. I often found that even after the second take, Robin would give us the same repetitive information she critiqued us on during the first take. It’s one thing if it’s different information, but another thing altogether if it’s the same crap that she said before, in the exact same way, which only draws the class out making it even longer.

Even though MHS doesn’t allow audits, the technique is actually phenomenal, because it ties all the useless parts of other techniques together into a workable process that is not only solid, but it works. I would suggest to Margie that she update her book or at the very least create a supplemental workbook in which actors can take notes and carry around the main points of the process to take to auditions. Personally, I would never return because Robin Dale Meyers’s gremlinlike personality is that irksome.

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