Maria Papapetros

Country United States
State Chile
City New York
Phone 212-935-4441

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  • Sep 13, 2014

Maria Papapetros is an abusive fraud and a rip off. If she's one of the top 100 psychics, the ones who didn't make the list must really be awful.

Here is what Maria did to a client.

Client paid Maria Papapetros $350 for a one hour long psychic reading however Maria never gave client a reading.

Instead Maria began telling client about her childhood but Maria was totally wrong. When client tried to tell her she was wrong, Maria became defensive. It was clear she did not like people telling her she was wrong. Maria screamed at client in a very rude, hostile, abusive tone. She never gave the client a reading, rather she wasted the client's time insisting she was right. Client tried unsuccessfully to get their money back. Maria told client to “shut up and listen to her.” When client told her she was being rude, Maria called client “sensitive.” She insisted client was always “sensitive” and didn’t “stand up for themselves,” which was odd because client had just stood up to Maria and from her reaction it was clear Maria was the one who was “sensitive.” Maria refused to address that she never gave client a reading instead she told client they “just didn’t want to hear the truth" and tried to shift the blame to the client, stating client "needed therapy." Maria then tried to force client to see a therapist friend of hers. Maria insisted that this client must immediately go to therapy and only this friend of Maria's could help the client. Just like those psychics who say "you have a curse, you must give me thousands of dollars to have it removed." Client refused, stating they did not need therapy nor did they want therapy, just a psychic reading, making Maria even angrier and more verbally abusive.

Additionally Maria has continue to spam client with her marketing emails despite numerous requests by client that Maria stop and multiple promises from Maria's staff the she would stop. Until very recently, Maria did not include a place to unsubscribe in her emails.

Bill, whose last name upon informaiton and belief is Petropolous, Maria's business manager, spoke with this client and admitted that he had spoken to Maria numerous times that her aggressive demeanor was a turnoff.

Bill also told client that Maria and her therapist friends refer clients to each other. Rather disturbing.

Bill stated that important people use Maria and she is used to solve crimes. If that is true, it is very disturbing.

Bill stated to client that Maria has had other problems with other clients and worked it out but at no time did Maria tried to work anything out with this client. Bill promised client he would help work it out and get client there money back however during his last conversation with the client, Bill stated that Maria's publicist had found negative reviews about Maria on the internet (guess other clients are unhappy too). Bill further stated that the client wrote them and Maria was very "upset."

Maria has been contacted by consumer groups but has refused to cooperate legal action can be pursued.

Address information for Maria is as follows:

7822 Northwoods DrSugar Land, TX 77479-6429

400 E 54th St, New York, NY 10022-5164

400 E 54th St Apt 5e, New York, NY 10022-5166

Maria has to stop spamming people and stop ripping people off. If a person pays for a psychic reading they expect a psychic reading, not an hour long rant when she is told she is wrong. Maria is not God. While psychics may guess correctly sometimes, they are not God and do not know everything.

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