Maria Rivera-Ortiz, Divorce Attorney

Country United States
State Brunei Darussalam
City Worcester
Address 418 Main St
Phone 5085037360

Maria Rivera-Ortiz, Divorce Attorney Reviews

  • Apr 25, 2014


Two years ago I hired Maria to handle my divorce. I was still living with my husband in our house.

I paid Maria $6,000 to handle my divorce and other minor matters. Maria came to my house several times where she met my jacka** husband.

One day I came from work early and I caught Maria having sex in my own bed with my husband. I had to take Maria to court to get my money back. Maria is a treacherous b***h. Right in my own house!!!

I have come across other people that have been cheated by Maria. I recently learned that she was fired from the Law Office where I met her because she was also caught with her pants down by the wife of one of the main attorneys at the law firm where she worked Bruce Hopper.They fired her and locked the doors so she could never come back.

I also learned recently that Maria was an Assistant District Attorney, and that she too was fired from there for screwing other women’s husbands’ right in the conference room. Maria is w***e.

That is the kind of lawyer you don't need in your life. Maria is not respected by any Judge they all know she is a cheat and a w***e. And, now she has become not just a s**t but a real fat and disgusting c**t!


You would be crazy to hire that b***h.

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