Maria Whitworth

Country United States
State Ecuador
City Vancouver
Address 1800 Murton St
Phone (360) 601-9291

Maria Whitworth Reviews

  • Oct 15, 2014

UNTRUSTWORTHY. Do not risk your animals with Maria Whitworth.

I had similar experiences with her as other unfortunate reviewers: Maria first collected the fee for a month of services. She complained of her own financial situation and accepted gifts of household goods from me. She preached extensively, only occasionally addressing the issues I hired her for.

She then proceeded to be unpredictable, volatile, used endless profane and senseless language, both in person and electronically. Maria threatened my person AND MY ANIMAL. After one week I severed the arrangement, because it was unsafe. She kept the money for the month.

This woman is a very skilled, professional SCAMMER & CON ARTIST.

  • Jul 29, 2014

When I engaged Maria, she asked me to pay her a $5,000 retainer fee (with no explanation of what that entailed) and I said no. A few weeks later, she asked me to pay her a monthly fee and I said no. She kept asking me to call her because she had "information" for me and I didn't want to make appointments. She spun a story over time that seemed to be a complete fantasy. When I put effort into verifying the central theme of the information she gave me, it turned out to be wholy false. I told her I couldn't verify what she was telling me and she got furious.

She wrote me emails that she would use information garnered during our sessions against me and that she had building a case against me during our sessions. She threatened to send emails to members of my family, to my employer, and friends. She told me that she had friended someone I told her about on facebook under false circumstances to tell that person information from our sessions.

She started telling me a whole new story that completely contradicted everything she told me during our sessions (I was demonic and mentally unstable, as abuser, and a petofile (sic.) So, either Maria was making up what she told me in her sessions or she is a terrible psychic because she told me two completely contradictiory things. In addition, she demanded I pay her as if she had been on a retainer and she demanded I pay her an additional $500 for writing me her abusive emails!

She threatened to reveal information from my sessions with her by a certain time and day if I did not pay her as if I had been on a retainer fee. She then threatened to file a claim with a collections agency and to sue me.

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