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Country United States
State Bangladesh
City Brandon
Phone 971-209-7111

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  • Jan 14, 2015

Adrienne, Brandon, FL

I searched on for French Bulldogs for sale. I came across an add of two chocolate colored puppies so I sent a text to the number associated with the ad. I got a reply about 2 hours later, the person said the dogs were still available and told me to email for additional information. So I sent an email with several questions that I had about the puppies and said I was interested. I got a reply about 10 mins later with what appeared to be a scripted email with all of these questions and information.

The sender claimed not to be a breeder but said his wife was. He said his wife recently died in a surgery gone bad and needed to find a loving home for the puppies. I have inserted the original email from the scammer below:

"You might be wondering why i am giving the puppies for adoption .

Firstly i will like you to know a little about me, I am an Electrical Engineer and not a breeder.

The person who was breeding these puppies

was my wife but i lost her a couple of months ago in a surgery operation.

I had no intention in selling these puppies but i have to give the puppies away since i don't have time to take proper care of

them .The litter was made up of six puppies but i have succeeded in given away four of them so there are just two left now a male and a

female .they will go only to loving and approved homes.

Well rehoming any of these puppies means you are taking him or her for an everlasting home. I had them listed first at $800 each and had many

responses but then no one carried through. I have now lowered the price because i need them re homed as soon as possible.. They will go

for $400 .. including delivery to you will cost $400.

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