Marie MacCormack

Country United States
State Bouvet Island
City Washington
Address 82 Nelson Ridge Road North
Phone 2076916121

Marie MacCormack Reviews

  • May 8, 2014

I wrote a buyers contract for the sale of my 3 horses for Marie MacCormack on June 3rd 2012. She agreed to pay $500 down and $500/month until the total agreed purchase price of $4500 was met, @ which time the registration papers and would be transferred into her name.

Marie picked these animals up and transported them to her home in Maine in October of 2012. I received no payments all that winter and arranged to pick them up to have them returned home to me in March of 2012, but was not able to complete those plans, as Marie refused to allow the veteriniarian to do the health certificates on the horses, which was required by the transport company. She would not allow the vet to enter her property. She then agreed to pay 1/2 the original agreed amount per month until the balnce of the $4500 was met through my credit card terminal, that I use for my retail business. She also defaulted on this agreement. I, then became aquainted with another seller, who had sold her 2 additional horses, who had a large trailer. She was also not being paid for her horses by Marie MacCormack.

It was our plan to go to her farm and retrieve our animals as soon as the weather permitted. In January of 2014, the other seller's mare's foal died in Marie's custody. A report was filed for animal cruelty and the horses, my 3, her 2 remaining, and Marie's own 4, were confiscated and taken to a rescue facility. The investigation is ongoing, and myself and the other seller have provided the animal welfare department in Maine with legal proof of ownership, so, that hopefully, when the investigation is concluded, our horses will be returned to us.

It has come to our attention, that Marie MacCormack is now, even while this investigation is pending, is now back on the internet, looking for new victims, llike ourselves, from which to scam more horses. We would like to make sure that this does not happen again.

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