Marietta Luxury Motors

Country United States
State Barbados
City Marietta
Address 1071 Cobb Parkway SE
Phone 6782135200

Marietta Luxury Motors Reviews

  • May 3, 2014

Marietta Luxury Motors was derelict in submitting my warranty check and documents to cover my car when I bought the vehicle February 1, 2014.

3 weeks ( February 19, 2014) after my purchase I had to have repairs made to the vehicle, the work would have been covered had they sent the check and paper work in on the day I bought the vehicle.

The repair shop called the warranty company before the work was done and they also called the dealership. We both spoke with a Kelephia Njie who said it would be handled. I paid for the work out of pocket with the expectation I would be reimbursed (Feb 21, 2014).

In March 8, 2014 I drove to Marietta Luxury Motors to ask why the warranty was not in effect at the time of the repairs, Kelephia Njie told me that he hadn't sent the documents in on time but he had sent them now, and he at that time produced a warranty document.However, because they didn't send the paperwork and check on time, I spent $1,540.40 on the repairs.

James Hill the General manager said he would call me back but I've yet to hear from him. They have lied and attempted to give me the run around. Now they are giving me the run around about paying me my money.

This happened in February 2014 it is now May, 2014 We are talking about $5000.00 I need my money.

Marietta Luxury Motors 678-213-5200 1071 Cobb Parkway SE Marietta GA 30060 or text Kelephia Njie at 770.310.0458 and tell them to give me my money back!!! thanks

Botton line due to their malfeasance my warranty was not valid at the time of the repair, despite the repairs being part of the covered items in the warranty contract. The Dealership failed in sending in the paperwork for over a month. Now they don't want to reimburse me for the money I spent. This is wrong, plain and simple. The guy James Hill had the audacity to say that I should not have paid and waited for them to correct the problem. The problem has still not been corrected. That would mean I would have been without my vehicle for 3 months to date. My next move will be to sue them for my money.

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