Marina Bondarenko

Country United States
State Ecuador
City Renton
Address 3713 Lake Washington Blvd N

Marina Bondarenko Reviews

  • Aug 25, 2014

Marina Bondarenko abondoned her family, her husband and her childern to start a online hybrid ponzi/pyramid scheme with her boyfriend Volodymir Pigida. The two left Spokane Washington and came to Bellevue Washington. They started SoundTrack Studio and Trend Sound Promoter. They promised huge returns like turning $1000 into $10,000 in less then a year. They spent over 2 million dollars living luxurious and then the companies filed for bankcrupty.

How can Marina Bondarenko claim to be christian after abandoning her family, committing adultry, defrauding hundreds of thousands of innocent people of over five million dollars?

She is no christian. She will burn in hell with Volodymir Pigida.

Please have nothing to do with Marina Bondarenko.

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