Marina International Cynthia Ngoasheng

Country United States
State British Indian Ocean Territory
City Baltimore

Marina International Cynthia Ngoasheng Reviews

  • Jun 26, 2014

I am an attorney in Colorado. Recently it came to my attention that Cynthia Ngoasheng of Marina International, Inc. has been using my name and company in a fraudulent manner by faking a letter that is supposedly signed by me, which verifies that I have a great deal of money in my trust account (the letter which I received states that I had $14,522.000.00 which was to be released to Ms. Ngoasheng's account in Maryland). THIS LETTER IS 100% FRAUDULENT. Not only am I NOT representing Ms. Ngoasheng or her company, Marina International, in any way, shape or form, but she states on the faked letter that I have an "assistant" by the name of Juanita Angel with a telephone number of (760) 271-1760. This is a mobile phone linked back to Carlsbad, California, and I have no one in my employ by this name or who would have a California cell phone since I am an attorney in Colorado!

The purpose of this fraudulent letter was to confirm funds so that Ms. Ngoasheng could borrow the amount of $35,000 from an unwitting borrower for supposed "UCC Filing Fee", with the promise to pay back t$100,000 when the deal was closed. Ms. Ngoasheng and Marina International claim to be involved with South African diamond deals, as well as various trade programs and investments. She originally contacted me back in 2009 when I used to offer Paymaster services (which I no longer offer) and I believe that is why she is using my name and faked my letterhead and signature for her personal gain.

I have reported Ms. Ngoasheng to the FBI, the DOJ, and other authorities. However, I feel compelled to notify the public of her wrongdoings and hopefully prevent anyone else from getting involved in her heinous scams.

If you would like to contact me to discuss this further you may visit my website at Thank you.

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