Mario Martínez

Country United States
State Florida
City Ocala

Mario Martínez Reviews

  • Jun 1, 2015

Mario Martinez stopped by our house looking for work. He agreed to do the whole 1/4 yard work for $120.00. After the work was done he came and rang doorbell, after my elder mother was slow making it to the door he let himself in our home and was standing in the living room when my mother got in there! I had made the deal with him and when I was in my garage he told my mom $160.00 and asked to be paid in full even before work was done saying he would be back the next day. I confronted him on the money deal and my mom said don't worry about it so she cut him a check. 2 days later he showed up ringing the hell out of the doorbell at 10 in the morning so I told him don't ring the doorbell that mom was sleeping, he said he would be back in a lil while but never showed. He did this on two occasions and didn't come back the 2nd time either I was in the bathroom but didn't answer the door asap. He said he didn't want to do the work cause noone was home. Even tho he could have and he knows he could have! After 2 weeks I called him and told him to get his axx out here and do the work, he told me I had a big mouth and that he would kill me I told him you know where I live. He ended up calling our local sheriff and reporting that I threatened him, why would I threaten someone I needed in my yard to finsih the work he was paid for, I wouldn't! Even the sheriff said she didn't believe him. Never did get my yard work done and he got my $160.00 for about $60.00 worth of work. I highly advise anyone knowing this guy to not let him do a single bit of work because he will rip you off!!! He also has a car wash right beside the interstate 75 at the highway 27 & I-75 exit. Beware you've been warned!!!

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