Mario Prialotskalu

Country United States
State American Samoa
City Scottsdale
Address 7th Street

Mario Prialotskalu Reviews

  • Apr 28, 2014

Mario Prialotskalu for pool services

If you are reading this then you will be happy that you will never hire Mario Prialotskalu for pool services. He is worse person in the world hence why they there are so many complaints about him. Do not trust him he is SCAM he took $5500 down payemnt from me and and wont return calls and never started the job.

Mario Prialotskalu refuses to call me back he is rude, does not return phone calls, and will lie cheat & steal without thinking twice. Horrible people like this need to be stopped as they refuse to pay me back on the pool promised. I have already filed a lawsuit against him and if others want to follow contact me .

If you happen to be offered pool services from Mario Prialotskalu he will charm you then take your money and never call you back do not do business it wont happen as they hide in their office lying, cheating, and stealing from their vendors who tried to help them.

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